Happy Easter and Passover for those who celebrate…We’re having guests for Easter dinner!…One week and counting…

Surfers took advantage of the favorable surf.
A long time ago, we decided that making a fuss over holidays wouldn’t make sense while living this nomadic lifestyle.  This made particular sense when many holidays revolve around food, most of which doesn’t fit our way of eating, especially during Easter.

As a result, there are no more long days spent baking and cooking in the kitchen.  We no longer decorate the house, make Easter baskets, decorate and hide Easter eggs or take the time to bake and decorate our former annual bunny rabbit cake.  All of that seems like a lifetime ago.

Sunbathers and swimmers enjoying a sunny day at Manly Beach.

Oddly, we don’t miss any of the work associated with holidays but of course, we miss the interaction with family, the playfulness, and the laughter.  Soon, we’ll be in the midst of all of that!

A day at the beach for school kids.

Over these years of world travel, I’ve lost interest in cooking other than coming up with tasty recipes Tom and I can enjoy in our daily lives.  Even so, I usually only cook two or three times a week when typically I’ll purchase enough of any item to last for three dinners, cooking a fresh batch each day. It works for us.

Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve. See details here for this wildlife protected area known for snorkeling and hiking.

Besides, most of our meals are appealing enough that we easily look forward to repeats.  We also have to consider that most holiday homes have tiny refrigerators and freezers leaving us with little space for storing much food or for freezing leftovers. 

With no rental cars in some locations, such as here in Fairlight for 40 nights, we’ve attempted to avoid returning to the market any more often than necessary.  Also, we’ve found that cooking for three days actually saves money in the long run.

The sun on the sea created a crystal-like appearance.

Groceries costs are not as low in Australia as in many other parts of the world but, they’re certainly less than we spent in the US five years ago.  It will be interesting and perhaps be shocking when we see food prices when we soon return to the US.

The sea is blue in this part of Australia.  When we lived in Trinity Beach in 2015, near Cairns (pronounced “cans”), the sea was brown and murky in most areas.

Tom and I realized that we won’t be cooking from April 22nd when we board the cruise to North America until sometime in July when we arrive in Nevada where we’ll stay at son Richard‘s home in Henderson. 

Staying with Richard for three weeks, I may cook a few meals each week since at that point it will have been months since I’d done any cooking.  During the six weeks in Minnesota, while staying in a hotel, we won’t have cooked at all with the free breakfast in the hotel and dinners out with family and friends.

Tall trees, many evergreens, line the boulevard along the beach providing plenty of shady areas for those who prefer to stay out of the sun.

On the nights when we don’t have dinner plans in Minnesota, most likely we’ll head to Costco which we hear carries a wide variety of low carb, precooked meals we’ll bring back to our hotel suite.  Once we arrive, we’ll see if the hotel can provide us with a small microwave during our extended stay.

As for tomorrow, which is Easter Sunday, we’ve invited landlord/friend Bob and his long time friend, Eddie.  We’re making a totally low carb, grain and sugar-free meal.  Tomorrow, we’ll take a few photos and post them the following day. 

Rocky shoreline in this area on our way to Shelly Beach.

We send love and best wishes for the health and well-being of all of our family, friends, and readers (whether you celebrate this holiday or not) during this time and always.  


Photo from one year ago today, April 15, 2016:

As we wound down our time in New Zealand, we posted our favorite photos including me with Miss Jessica.  I was flattered that Trish and Neil named this sweet girl after me when Tom and I attended her birth while they were on holiday.  For more favorite NZ photos and also the final expenses for the three-month stay on the alpaca farm, please click here.

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