How did we get so lucky?…People and wildlife…Our favorites…Eight days and counting…

A pier in Manly, busy with beach-goers and diners.

When we received an email message from Christine and Colin, whom we met on the last cruise at the two parties we attended in the two Penthouse Suites, we couldn’t have been more thrilled.

Undoubtedly, Magpies are scavengers but like all creatures in nature, they have a purpose.  This one now visits with a spouse and chick who is the noisiest bird in the neighborhood.  We feed them bits of raw meat.  Not adorable like the Kookaburras, we welcome their visits as well.

Their warm and friendly demeanor was hard to resist and we discussed the possibility of getting together sometime during the 40 days we’d be in Sydney, now coming to a quick end.

With other travels behind them, they contacted us promptly to arrange a date we’ll all meet for dinner.  With the suggestion that they’ll take the ferry to Manly and meet us at the Corso next Thursday, we were delighted. 

The Manly Yacht Club building.

At that point, we’ll be busy packing for the upcoming cruise on Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas departing from the Port of Sydney, a mere two days later. 

As we discussed our enthusiasm to see Christine and Colin once again, we giggled over the fact that people and animals bring us the greatest moments in our world travels.

Boats moored near the Manly Wharf.

Here in Fairlight, we’ve had a good dose of wildlife “hanging out” with our locally favorites birds, Kookaburras and Magpies who come to visit almost every day, putting big smiles on our faces. 

No, the “wildlife fix” is not as satisfying as it will be when in 10 months we’ll return to Africa but we’re finding birds can bring that blissful rush of emotion which we’ve cultivated over these past few years.

Boat launch area.

There’s no doubt the experiences we gained with the Albatross and Red Cardinal “Birdie” in Kauai were both highly instrumental in our interest in our aviary friends. 

Swings by the bay.

Even Kauai’s zillions of feral chickens brought us laughter and enjoyment when they were literally everywhere to be found.  When we parked at the lot at the market, there were hundreds of feral chickens wandering about; hens, chicks, and roosters.  It was quite a sight, one we’ll never forget.

But, along with the chickens in Kauai, we were also reminded of all the friends we made on the loveliest (in our humble opinion) of the Hawaiian Islands.  Yesterday, we received another email from friends Louise and Steve, whom we originally met at a Full Moon party at their home.

The Corso, early in the day before the crowds appear.

Staying in touch since we left Kauai in May 2015, we hope to return someday to see Louise and Steve and all the wonderful friends we made and of course, the Albatross and even the masses of feral chickens. 

Many restaurants line the foreshore.

It’s difficult to compare the joys of engaging with humans as opposed to animals.  For us, in each case either provides us with a great sense of joy, wonder and fulfillment. 

Sure, we like to see historical structures, a towering mountain range, a flowing river or expansive sea view. These are often what most tourists seek to fulfill their expectations of a holiday/vacation.

Condos and apartments with views of the bay across the street.

But, our lives are a perpetual holiday/vacation and its within that framework that we’ve discovered that which provides us with the most meaning and memories…people and animals.  Bring it on…more of each is on the horizon!


Photo from one year ago today, April 14, 2016:

This photo, taken through the glass in the kitchen window in New Zealand, was the first of many times she peered inside watching me prepare dinner.  We laughed each time we saw her there, loving every moment.  For more favorite NZ photos as we approached the three-month stay coming to an end, please click here.

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