Its Easter today on this side of the International Dateline…Preparing for an Easter dinner…Beautiful email from reader…

Not as clear as we’d like, we took this photo from quite a distance to avoid scaring this rabbit off—happy Easter to all who celebrate.

This is the fifth Easter we’ve spent outside the US since our world travels began. Next to Christmas, it was always our favorite holiday, with a tremendous number of family traditions centered around this special religious celebration. 

In reality, it’s probably the tradition we’ve missed the most with so many activities centered around the grandchildren and adults in which everyone could participate in one way or another.

The huge Kookaburras are so friendly that yesterday I was able to give one a little rub.

But, as always, we’ve adapted to the changes. Although we acknowledge our family members and grandchildren on holidays and other times of the year, we’ll cram everything we can into the six weeks we’ll spend in Minnesota upcoming in 40 days. 

For today’s dinner, I’m busy preparing a meal with a little more variety than usual, hoping for some leftovers for the next few days. With only six days remaining until we sail away, we’re using all the food we have on hand, hopefully in some creative ways. 

When we spotted this rabbit, I couldn’t resist zooming in for today’s main photo.

We’ve begun to start thinking about packing and preparing to leave. It will be effortless this time when we don’t have to fly and consider luggage weight. We won’t fly again until after the Alaskan cruise ending on May 26th, when we fly from Seattle to Minneapolis. 

Busy boating in the bay.

When leaving Minnesota, we’ll fly again to Nevada for a three-week family visit and then off to Costa Rica for a three-and-a-half-month stay in a fabulous property owned by friends we made in Kauai. 

It’s amazing how our lives continue to be intertwined with people we’ve met along the way. We’re eternally grateful for the opportunities we’ve encountered in our travels adding such joy to every location in one way or another.

Speaking of people we’ve met along the way, we want to express a special thank you to our friend/reader, Vicki, whom we met along with her husband Jerry at Hanalei Beach in Kauai in January 2015. (Please click here for the post from our meeting). 

Beautiful sky at sunset.

We’re so appreciative for the thoughtful way they’ve both stayed in touch these past few years and hope to see them again someday. Vicki wrote a few days ago:

“Jessica, I just read your April 13th posting. You don’t have to thank your readers; we should thank you for all your hard work and determination that you put into this blog.

Please remember your health is the most important aspect of your life, and we appreciate it when you let us know your good days and bad. It wouldn’t be interesting if we only got good news. Stay well and do what is best for you.

Your faithful reader, Vicki.”

Fiery sky at sunset.

And a special thanks to ALL of our readers for incorporating our daily drivel into your lives as you travel along with us. Happy Easter and happy day to all!

Photo from one year ago today, April 16, 2016:

The aft of Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas.  We boarded this ship on April 16, 2016, for a 14-day cruise. We’ll board Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas from this same pier in Sydney in only six days. For more details, please click here.

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