Today is the one year anniversary of leaving our old lives behind, to begin anew traveling the world…How are we getting along in this 24/7 lifestyle a year later? …

Only a mother could love this face!

In many ways, the first year of our lives traveling the world went by quickly. When we review what we’ve experienced in this first year, it’s hard for us to imagine that we managed to see so much. In essence, it’s comparable to being on vacation for 52 weeks, a lifetime of one-week vacations for many.

Any regrets? Overpacking. But, we understand and accept that we had no concept of how hard it would be to travel with so many bags and, how much we’d actually need to have with us. Many warned us. 

This affectionate camel leaned on his owner’s shoulder when I approached.

We had to learn on our own, as with many life lessons, donating and dumping along the way with only one large suitcase, one carry on and one laptop bag remaining for each of us. And yet, it’s still too much with 30 additional pounds to unload before we leave Kenya in a month. We’ll figure it out.

Any other regrets? None. We both know for sure that we picked the right person to travel with! We get along so well; making decisions together, laughing as much as possible, still enjoying romantic evenings and magic moments together, more often than one might imagine. 

I have always wanted to ride a camel but the bad shoulder would leave me holding on one-handed, too risky up that high for an old-timer like me.

Only in a rare instance does Tom get grumpy. I ignore him and his occasional grumpiness goes away in minutes. He says I don’t get grumpy. But, now and then I may “think grumpy,” usually keeping my mouth shut and, it goes away. I suppose grumpiness boils down to this…keep it to yourself and it goes away.

For us, other aspects of getting along are; the willingness to admit to being wrong; apologizing when necessary; complimenting and appreciating each other, and sharing equally in tasks and responsibilities. And, we’ve found that if we don’t like elements of our surroundings, say it once, either fix it or if it can’t be remedied, “shut up.”  Complaining provides no benefit to our lives.

Tom spotted them coming and alerted me to grab the camera.  I ran like crazy to catch up with them to take these photos. The cost for a ride, up for negotiation, was Kenya Shillings $2000 each, US $23.56 for two. Darn, I would have negotiated it down by half.

Most of my whining can be accomplished right here!  I don’t need to get Tom wrapped up in it!  Besides, he reads the posts every day so there’s never a doubt about what’s annoying me, which in most cases, is about biting or poisonous creatures.

So, Happy Halloween to those who engage in Halloween activities!

Little did we know that our relaxing mini-vacation would behold such wonders for us. Little did we know that our three-day stay at a the beachside resort of The Sands at Nomad would catapult us back into “safari mode,” constantly on and the search for yet another treasure, giggling with delight over every find.

We’d imagined considerable time reading, lying by the pool, dining, walking the beach, and lounging in air-conditioned comfort at will. We’ve done little of any one of these. 

Instead, we’ve been on “the hunt” for the next sighting of wildlife with the same enthusiasm and passion we shared while on safari, only weeks ago. Our eyes continually scanning the sea for a glimpse of perhaps a dolphin, a jumping fish,  or a huge fisherman’s catch.

Walking on the beach yesterday afternoon, Tom shot this appearing footless photo of me. Actually, I was wearing those ugly water shoes, grateful they were hidden in the surf.

Responding to every sound we hear, we quietly slither into action seeking its source in the hope of being lucky one more time in order to witness another of Mother Nature’s magnificence. But at this point, halfway through our time, if we don’t have one more opportunity to spot a creature, we’d feel fortunate for our sightings thus far, more than we’d ever imagined for three-days at a resort.

I suppose I should have zoomed in as he did when taking mine. Look! You can seemy shadow as I’m taking the photo. Too busy to edit photos right now!
The pristine beach, the fine clean sand of the Indian Ocean made for a pleasant walk on the beach after 4:00 pm yesterday, as the day cooled.

Yes, we were this same way in our old lives, running wildly to see a moose swim across the lake, a coyote standing in the yard, the baby wood ducks being thrown by the parents from the wood duck house to the ground, or a blue heron struggling to swallow an over-sized fish. We loved it then. We love it now.

Living in a third world country has its hardships. However, the vast majority of its land and resources are untouched with wildlife living free in a natural habitat, not at the hand of man. In Kenya, it’s the local people who continue to work hard to keep their wildlife free and we, as visitors, have been blessed with the opportunity to relish in all that they’ve worked so hard to achieve. Thank you, Kenya!

And, thank you, The Sands at Nomad Resort for honoring the integrity of the land, it’s creatures, it’s people, and the preservation of its resources in the manner in which this exquisite property is maintained.

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