Socializing tonight…Three days and counting….

Entrance to the Church of St. Mylor in the sleepy town of Mylor, Cornwall.

Fascinating Fact of the Day About Falmouth:

“Operation Chariot, a famous Commando raid on the heavily defended docks of St. Nazaire in France during World War II, which helped to shape the war at sea, was launched from Falmouth.”

While in South Kensington, London, in 2014, one of our enthusiastic readers took a train from Bristol to meet us in person.  We were flattered by Liz’s interest in meeting us after she’d been reading our posts for the previous two years. Here’s the link to that beautiful day with Liz.
The view of St. Mylor from atop the several flights of stairs. I walked up and down all of these steps with relative ease, well worth the effort.
As mentioned in prior posts, we had a fantastic day with Liz in August five years ago and have stayed in close touch since that time, often exchanging long email messages back and forth.

When Liz read we were coming back to the UK, we were hoping to see her again, especially when we navigate closer to Bristol as we move north/northeast from one of our four locations to another. It appears we’ll be able to meet up in October.

At the bottom of the steps, I was treated to this view.
In the interim, Liz contacted friends who have a rental in Falmouth and were going to be here for a few days until Thursday when they return to Bristol. Liz and Glenn are close friends with the couple.
Much to our delight, yesterday Barbara (and husband Chris) contacted us by email to set up a time to get together for dinner, leaving open lots of possibilities as to where we’d meet. In her thoughtful message, she offered to come this way.  
An easy walking path to the graveyard and opposite side of the church.
With the dreadful parking situation coupled with Tom’s frustration over driving around for 45 minutes to find a spot, we decided to go back to the Boathouse for dinner tonight. (I can easily walk this hilly short distance). Barbara and Chris, familiar with the pub, enthusiastically agreed.

This evening at 5:45 pm, we’ll meet them in the pub, staying for dinner after happy hour. We’re so looking forward to socializing once again. The views are spectacular from the pub, and there’s no doubt we’ll have a great evening.
Thanks, Liz, for referring your friends to us!
The cemetery overlooks a yacht club and the sea.
We’re heading to our following location in a mere three days, a converted barn in St. Teath, Bodwin, Cornwall approximately a two-hour drive from Falmouth. We’re so looking forward to our two weeks in this inland area, on a farm with goats, pigs (yes!), sheep, and chickens. Gosh, I need an “animal fix!”

Undoubtedly, the second of our four-holiday homes will serve us well. Of course, as any of our avid readers are aware, the fact this property and the next are located on farms was highly instrumental in our booking these particular properties.

On Thursday, we’ll pack with no worry as to the distribution of the weight of the luggage, except, of course, for the fact Tom has to haul the bags down a flight of stairs in the house and then up 25 uneven stone steps to the street.  

The steep steps from our holiday rental to the street.  Tom will have to haul the heavy bags up these uneven 26 steps.
I’ll go up with him to watch the bags as he gets the car from a distant parking spot and then stay with the car when he goes up and down for more. This has been the one drawback of staying at this lovely property in Falmouth. It would have been much more manageable if we were typical “weekend travelers” with a tiny suitcase or duffle bag. 

For now, over the next few days, until we depart, we’re pretty content, looking forward to making new friends this evening, enjoying the gorgeous ocean views, and simply “being” while reveling in my newfound well-being.

Tomorrow, we’ll share details and photos of our evening out tonight, more food photos, and whatever treasures we may find in between.
Be well.

Photo from one year ago today, September 3, 2018:

Last night, Tom took this photo when he checked the thermometer to find a toad doing the same.  It was 25C, 77F at 2200 hours, 10:00pm. Over the next several months, this toad often rests atop this decorative fixture, later joined by a mate. For more photos, please click here.

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