Moving day…Wow! What a lot of work!!…Time to unwind and relax…

A beautiful sky before sunset.

With the family moved out and Tom and I now alone, yesterday we began the process of moving from the bigger house to the smaller house which Tom affectionately refers to as the “bird house.”

Usually when we move we only have to pack our clothing and supplies, tidy up after ourselves and be on our way.  With 12 days remaining on the Big Island, moving next door was the most comprehensive move we’ve had in 27 months.

A distant dorsal fin.

What made it more difficult was twofold; one, we paid deposits on both houses and want them back in their entirety, and two, we had food and household supplies to move, all in a 24 hour period. Now, this doesn’t sound like much. But, believe me, it was.

There were two refrigerators to clean and one to make room for the transferred perishables. (We’ll toss leftovers when we leave on January 15th).  There were beds to make, laundry to do, floors to sweep and wash, bathrooms to organize, and of course, the unpacking of our luggage. 

Lots of action here.

When we repack for the 15th, I will be reorganizing and further lightening our load for the next flight from Kona, Hawaii to Lihue, Kauai with a layover in Honolulu for an hour. 

The thought of staying put in Kauai for four months is pleasing for both of us. We’ll have plenty of time to explore the gorgeous island, lounge at the beach, and try a few of the highly-rated restaurants in the area. 

Correctly timing the shot from considerable distances is a craft that neither my bad shoulder nor our camera can do. If we upgraded to a camera with a higher capacity for distances, it would weigh more. It’s a catch 22.

Although there’s no pool at the condo we rented we’ll certainly find a good spot to whale watch when the Hanalei Bay is across the street in the fabulous Princeville area. We couldn’t ask for more especially since we chose this particular condo for its excellent price for the otherwise pricey area. 

Sacrificing a little in amenities over price was our plan as we prepare for the next leg of our journey. The segue in Princeville for us is a place to regroup, plan, and get ready for our next big foray outside the US which will be for at least the upcoming two years.

The black and white fluke. It was almost dark outside.

Last night, our final night at the big house, we found ourselves on the lanai having exhausted all of our energy in packing and moving all day, we saw one pod of whales after another, more than we’ve ever seen before.

Getting good photos of whales is especially difficult for me. My bad shoulder prevents me from holding up the camera for long enough to capture the perfect shots. Plus, our camera, although capable of taking good photos, is not capable of the long-distance shots required when whale watching. 

Two whales, side by side.  It could be a mom and baby.

Sure, a tripod would help but the added weight is not practical for us when we’re already up to the max with our two large and one medium suitcase, one carry on duffel bag, one computer bag, and one handbag. I can’t imagine a free hand able to hold a tripod. 

So, this is the way it is, the best we have to offer thus far as we continue to watch for the massive gentle beasts that waft through the sea with grace and ease. We love every sighting, hollering “blow hole” each time we spot the spewing stream of vapor exuded by these amazing animals.

When Tom yelled, “Over here!” I was focused on another whale and missed all but this shot when two whales did a full breach, simultaneously. I saw it but just didn’t focus on it quickly enough.

Now, each time we holler “blow hole” we’re reminded of the fun times we spent with our family, eyes peeled at the ocean, squealing with delight each time we spotted a whale. In their absence, we’ll continue this enjoyable pastime well into the future months to come.

It takes looking at this photo for a moment to see the fluke and how its positioned.

May you have a fabulous weekend. Once fully settled in a few hours, we’ll surely do the same.

Photo from one year ago today, January 3, 2014:

Often, when zebras came to call, they’d attempt a sip out of the pool. As soon as they detected the taste of chlorine, they wandered away in search of other more potable sources. For zebra facts and photos of multiple zebras at the pool and the story from one year ago today, please click here.

Comments and responses Moving day…Wow! What a lot of work!!…Time to unwind and relax…

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Hi Jess & Tom
    We've been keeping tabs on you!!! Sounds like you had a great time with family. So now are you completely alone or is your daughter-in-law and grandchild still there? Did you get a smaller car for the rest of the time there? We are awaiting a fairly wicked storm starting tonight. Not so much snow but a lot of wind and wind chills at about 25 to 35 below. White out conditions predicted. No matter where we are retirement is grand right? Take care and stay safe. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

    Vikki & Bob

  2. Jessica Reply

    Hi, Vikki & Bob!
    Hope you had a great holiday season and are looking forward to a great new year.

    To answer your questions…yes, our daughter-in-law and grandchild are still here but living in another place. Our granddaughter developed a horrible rash and we thought it may have been from something in this house or vegetation around the house causing it. As a result, they've moved to another place very close to us and we're seeing them often except for these past two days while we've moved. They are here until the 9th and starting back up tomorrow, we'll spend lots of time together. Its been wonderful when we've had some individual times with some of the kids and grandkids during these five plus weeks with some of them here.

    As for the car, yes, we down scaled to a new mid sized car at only $550 for the remaining two weeks. Many assume rental cars are expensive in Hawaii, especially during the holidays but we paid no more here than in other countries. Its the food and rent that are the killers here. Soon, as our time on this island comes to an end, we'll be posting the total costs for this entire family visit, down to the last dollar. It will help others see if such a family holiday is manageable.

    Thanks for continuing to enjoy our travels with us and of course, for taking the time to write and say hello.

    Warmest regards to you both,
    Jess & Tom

  3. Staci Finch Thompson Reply

    I think the photos are great- and the one right after the whales breached is awesome – you can see the outline of them in their splash, which is really interesting! Glad you got all moved into the birdhouse!

  4. Jessica Reply

    Thanks, Staci,
    I get frustrated when photos, taken at a huge distance, aren't clear. Zooming makes it difficult to take good shots without a tripod which currently I'm considering buying, a lightweight version in any case.

    Yes, we're comfortable back in the birdhouse. We had a lovely evening whale watching and watching the movie, Girl Gone. Very interesting.

    Hope you both are doing well after the holidays and looking forward to the new year in your lives together.
    Have a fabulous Sunday and thanks for writing. We love hearing from you!

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

  5. liz Reply

    Hi Jess and Tom
    First of all Happy New Year to you both! I can empathise with your exhaustion cleaning and moving provisions between the houses! After a busy Christmas period travelling between branches of our families, both coping with awful viruses in the down time between each stay with family Dave and I are pleased to return to 'normal' (whatever that is!) today. I have spent the day cleaning, packing decorations and cooking at the homeless cafe. I am looking forward to putting my feet up this evening and enjoying the new Broadchurch drama- I know you say you liked this.
    I loved the book Gone Girl reading it when it came out but I have yet to see the film. I didn't see the twist in the story coming at all. I highly recommend the book, a real page turner. Another drama starting soon on BBC is Wolf Hall with Damien Lewis as Henry VII. Mum and i were fortunate enough to see some of the filming at Montacute House last summer. Very exciting!
    Liz x

  6. Jessica Reply

    Hi, Liz!

    And a Happy New Year to both of you as well!

    What a task that must have been with family down with viruses over the holidays. I hope you and Dave were able to avoid the bug yourselves. And I commend you for your kindness in cooking at the homeless café. Its when we give of ourselves that we feel the most joy whether hard work as you're doing or as a simple gesture to a needy individual we encounter in our day to day lives.

    I excitedly entered Wolf Hall in our downloading app, Graboid, and will await its availability. Please keep us informed of any new BBC shows you find appealing. We love BBC shows. I especially miss Luther. We loved that show as well. The acting was over-the-top.

    Have a fabulous day.

    Jess & Tom

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