Interesting facts about Kenya and Africa…Why is Kenya called the “cradle of mankind?”… Check back tomorrow for a shocker!

From a walk on the beach across the road. One of our favorite views of the Indian Ocean.
From the return walk on the beach as the clouds wafted away.

Yesterday, after posting a list of the name of groups of various African animals. We went back to the website, this link, from which we borrowed the information and found a number of questions and answers that may be of particular interest to geography and wildlife aficionados.

It appears this site originated from an educational program that transpired in Africa over a period of over a month. It was fun for Tom and I review these questions and answers learning much in the process. We wished we’d read this months ago. But, it’s never too late to learn. 

From Hans and Jeri’s 3 floor veranda.

With an upcoming six more months in Africa, we’ll continue to savor its many wonders. Yes, there will continue to be a little whining over the heat, humidity, and bugs, but our experiences definitely will continue to make it all worthwhile.

The answer to the question, “Why is Kenya called the “cradle of mankind” can be found at this link as well as answers to many other questions about Kenya and Africa. If you have school-age children, they too may enjoy some of the questions and answers on this website.

From the yard in Kenya.

As for us, our learning continues, not only about the people, history, cultures, wildlife, and vegetation of the countries we’ve visited around the world, but also on ways we can improve the difficulties, costs and challenges of our travels. It’s an ongoing process.

With so much to do today in preparation for leaving Kenya in 4 days, today is a significant day with much to do.  Thus, I will cut this short for today only. 

On the other hand, tomorrow’s post may astound you as it has us. Check back tomorrow for the photos depicting the situation that has kept me awake off and on for two nights.

The crescent moon, south the equator is revealed in the bottom of the moon.

Comments and responses Interesting facts about Kenya and Africa…Why is Kenya called the “cradle of mankind?”… Check back tomorrow for a shocker!

  1. Isabel@FS Reply

    Beautiful pictures of the beach. And of course now I am intrigued about tomorrow. Can't believe you are moving in four days. I am sure you are anxious to be on your way.

  2. Jessica Reply

    Thanks, Isabel! It's wonderful to hear from you again. We're all set for tomorrow's post with photos.

    It is hard to believe we're leaving soon. Once we're midway into a 2 to 3 month stay, the time seems to fly by. And yes, we are anxious to be on our way, mostly too get the 2 travel days behind us and be settled into our new home.

    Hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving. There are no turkeys or pumpkin in Kenya so we'll eat steak and salad, using up the last of the meat in the freezer.

    Thanks again for stopping by. We'd love to hear your comments after tomorrow.

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Hi from Pat,

    I also love the beach and ocean pictures. And the crescent moon was fantastic with the water reflecting below.
    Thanks for the link to the questions and answers on Africa. I found it very interesting.

    I can't imagine what your blog will be about tomorrow. You have us all on pins and needles. It is always 9:00pm or 10:00pm before I get to your blog but tomorrow I may make myself find time earlier.

    You mention having to get rid of more clothes, so maybe you were shocked as to how much it costs to ship packages. I just sent my daughter in Germany a package of some of her favorite items here that she cannot get in Germany. The package weighed 19 pounds and it cost me $75. I thought that was kind of steep, but it was worth the joy in her voice and she said it made her feel closer to home. Oh how I miss her!!

    The Jewish baby naming ceremony was beautiful. I was so happy to have been able to witness it. Dan stayed home with the 4 boys so my daughter, Tricia, and I just had the 2 girls, ages 14 and 4.

    Dan said he had fun with the boys, ages 12, 9, 7, and 2. He said the 12 year old took full control of the 2 year old and it was fun to watch. He spent time with each one at different times. Tricia and I said we would give him that opportunity again and we will have a real girls day out, ha-ha.

    Anxiously awaiting tomorrow's blog,


  4. Jessica Reply

    Good morning, from sunny Kenya, Pat! What a night we had last night! I'll tell more on today's post about the shocker.

    So glad Dan had such a good time with the kids and you both enjoyed the baby naming ceremony. It's interesting to see all the varying and often unheard of traditions that cultures and religions have all over the world include in their lives. It's those traditions that root us in our lives giving us purpose and comfort. It was wonderful that you both played a role in this family's special time.

    OK. Off I go to write the post, the shocker, especially for me!
    Happy Thanksgiving, another fine tradition, filled with fabulous food, wine and laughter.

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

  5. Anonymous Reply

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  6. Anonymous Reply

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  7. Jessica Reply

    Anonymous, that's an excellent question, not stupid! On our home page for today, you'll see where its say's "sign up." If you'll enter your email there, you'll receive daily updates and comments that are posted.
    Thank you for reading our site and your comment.

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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