Day 22…Circumnavigating the Australian Continent…We’re in Adelaide today…Getting off the ship soon…

Photo of a ship and crane taken from the ship prior to disembarking to see Adelaide, Australia.

“Sightings on the Ship in Australia”

Tiger painting in ship’s art gallery.

As soon as we will upload today’s post, we’ll drop off the laptops at the cabin, pack a small bag with sunglasses, repellent, the camera and an extra camera battery to make our way off the ship and walk to the nearby train station.

We’ll board the train for the 25 minute ride to downtown Adelaide where we’ll wander about taking photos and checking out the historic town, popular among tourists from other parts of Australia as well as those from all over the world.

Its a bright sunny day to get off the ship.  Easy walkway from the ship to the terminal building in Adelaide, Australia.

We can’t believe it’s already Day 22, with 11 more days remaining until the cruise ends in Sydney. Although I was thrown back a bit by the virus I contracted I’m making huge improvements especially after last night’s long sleep.

Although I try to avoid taking Tylenol PM to sleep, last night’s sleep was more important than any concern I may have over taking this relatively effective over-the-counter sleep aid. I took one around 10:30 pm, falling asleep within 20 minutes and a second at 4:00 am when I awoke. 

Overall, I slept more than eight hours, which is more than any night in quite a while.  Please check with your doctor should you decide to use this over-the-counter medication as it is a conflict when taking certain other medications and may be harmful for those with certain conditions.

The onboard Boardwalk Dog House restaurant where Tom’s sampled a few dogs, minus the buns.

Tom is doing well, sitting across from me at the moment, picking away on his keyboard at his favorite sites. We often giggle over how easily we’re entertained aboard ship (and off the ship as well). We’re never at a loss of what to do to keep ourselves busy and entertained.

We’ll be back tomorrow with Adelaide photos, description of the train ride and hopefully much more. Thanks for continuing to follow along with us during these less interesting sea days. 

The past few nights when Tom was hankering for a late night snack he got two bun-less hot dogs. He’s hardly gained any weight on this cruise and has felt better avoiding bread, orange juice and too many sweets.

Over these next 11 days we have six more sea days some of which consist of sailing through Milford Sound, Doubtful Sound and Dusky Sounds in New Zealand which we’d done last January on our way to our three month stay at the alpaca farm. 

Last time we sailed through the sounds it was dark, dreary and rainy. Our photos were hazy and uninteresting.  Hopefully, this time, the weather will cooperate and we’ll be able to share better shots of this amazing area.

Have a great day! We’ll see you tomorrow with new photos of the beautiful city of Adelaide, Australia.

Photo from one year ago today, November 21, 2015:

Handmade fishing and transporting rafts in Urata, Fiji. For more photos, please click here.

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