A world of wonder…It never ceases to amaze us!

What’s more beautiful than an orchid?

A few days ago while sitting across the street staring at the ocean I spoke to a woman who was well traveled.  She spoke of endless places we must take time to see in our travels. 

The shapes and patterns of exotic flowers astounds us.

All I could do is smile, taking mental notes of those that may appeal to us down the road, appreciating her well intended suggestions.  Many suggestions we receive we document and research incorporating some into our travels.  But, the world is a big place. 

And, if we had a lifetime, which we don’t with our advancing age, we still couldn’t see all the points of interest other enthusiastic travelers often suggest.  There’s simply too much too see, in too short a time.

More gorgeous orchids.

People often ask us when we’ll stop traveling.  Our answer remains the same today as it was over 27 months ago, we’ll continue on until we can’t anymore, always striving to see those places in the world that appeal to our tastes the most. 

Exotic flowers are eprevalent in Hawaii.
Many travelers enjoy the hustle and bustle of big busy cities.  We do not.  We’ve seen enough historic buildings to last a lifetime.  That’s not to say we haven’t appreciated them at the time.  But now, as time passes, we only recall one building that was life changing…the Treasury in Petra.  Click here for the link of our visit to Petra, truly one of the most exciting experiences in our travels.

An orange tree on the side of the road.

Thus, if the buildings of the world pose little interest for us, what shall we see? All the rest; the people, the wildlife, the vegetation and nature in its full glory.  That’s the rest.

When we land in Sydney in three and a half months, we’ll spend only hours.  At other times in our travels in the South Pacific we’ll return to Sydney on numerous occasions, surely having ample time to see a little of the biggest city in Australia. 

Vodka tonic anyone?

Certainly, we’ll relish in the experience in seeing Sydney but in no time, take us to the country or to the outlying ocean towns where the remaining majority of the population reside. Few Australians actually living in the center of the continent, the Outback, a vast and dangerous land we definitely plan to explore to some degree.

What does the future hold after our over two years in the South Pacific?  All the continents we’ve yet to visit; Antarctica, Asia and South America all of which will be included in the next leg of our journey. 

Even the common bougainvillea has flowers growing within.

Health providing, after traveling to these, we’ll return to the continents where we feel we have more to see, such as in other parts of Africa and perhaps, a return visit to my favorite place thus far on the planet, Marloth Park, South Africa. By no means does Tom object.

A tangerine tree along the road.

However, I must admit that as far as the beauty of nature is concerned, Kauai tops the list.  Of all the many islands we’ve visited with many more to come, we doubt anywhere will be able to top the beauty of Kauai.  It keeps giving and giving.

Yesterday, we drove to Richard’s neighborhood to see if we’d be able to see any hatched chicks.  Not yet, but we’ll be checking weekly.

After our many road trips so far in Kauai with many more to come including other parts of the island, we have no doubt that we’ll easily be able to post new photos of Kauai’s beauty day after day, for the remaining time we’ll be on the island.

A large tree with this colorful blooms.

As soon as I’m done here, I’m off to do my workout at the club and then off to the local grocer, Foodland.  Tomorrow night, we’ll be attending our first house party on the island and will be bringing an appetizer and a few bottles of wine, one for Tom to drink and another for the hostess.

Roosters hanging out on the side of the road.

Tomorrow, I’ll make the hot appetizer for the party and perhaps, post the recipe here.  Its a delicious, easy to make dish (not my way of eating friendly but, its gluten free).  Check back tomorrow!

Happy day!

Photo from one year ago today, February 3, 2014:

Louise had suggested we put out a bowl with fruit flavored yogurt for the nocturnal bush babies while we were living in Khaya Umdani.  Alas, as we wandered outdoors to spend our day, we saw the monkeys had the bowl and were lapping up the yogurt.  For more photos, please click here.

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