The challenges of posting daily with photos…One year ago today we left South Africa for Morocco…A sad goodbye…

With little wildlife in Kauai, other than chickens and roosters, we find ourselves more attracted to birds than we’ve been in the past. These Zebra Doves are commonly found in Kauai although not native to the Hawaiian Islands.

When we first started posting in March, 2012 we seldom posted photos. During the early period, I posted every few days, occasionally adding a photo as we were in the early stages of planning to travel the world. 

The marina in Port Allen, Kauai.

For those of you who entered our site somewhere in between, here is our first post from March 14, 2012, posted without any photos.

As time marched on, I began to write more frequently. When we realized that adding photos was to be an integral part of this site, gradually we added photos, more and more as my skills reach a level where it wasn’t embarrassing to include my feeble attempts at photo taking.

A view from a single lane bridge we crossed along Highway 56.

In March 2013, a full two years ago as of tomorrow, we began to post daily, including photos, only missing a few days here and there due to a poor wifi signal, power outages, or travel days. Although on most travel days, we’ve posted something, albeit short and without photos.   

It’s ironic that there were milestones in March in both 2012 and 2013 but it’s a mere coincidence. Sometime this upcoming summer we’ll hit our 1000th post. It’s hard to believe I’d consistently do one thousand of anything, let alone write every single day. We’ll certainly mention that day when it arrives in July.

The mountains, a few days before the rains.

I’m not tired or bored with doing this nor is Tom with his fact-checking, research, and proofreading. It’s a labor of love coupled with a passion for sharing our sometimes exciting, sometimes mundane, lives with those who will listen. I suppose if I started reading such a continuing story I’d always be curious as to what happens next.

We’ve thought about whale watching tours such as this but after spending over $400 on such tours with no sightings, we tend to hesitate to book another.  Perhaps, we’ll wait for whale watching in the South Pacific.

No words in this amateur writer’s vocabulary can possibly express the gratitude we both feel for our loyal readers who follow along with us even on the dull days with few exciting photos or with photos they may find less interesting. 

A hazy zoom to houses built into the side of a mountain.

My photo-taking skills continue to grow but can only grow as fast as the quality of the camera we have at any given time. On our third camera since we first left the US on January 3, 2013 (we left Minnesota on October 31, 2012), we still have a long way to go. When does an amateur photographer ever feel they can stop learning or improving their equipment?

Rock gardens always baffle us as shown at Russian Port Elizabeth. Of course, in August, 2014 we visited Stonehenge, the premier rock garden of them all.

One of the biggest challenges has been having enough photos to share each day. Its on our minds daily, where shall we go to take more photos? At times like this, when its been raining for three solid days, neither of us have much desire to get out and walk or even drive looking for photo ops.

Not all beaches in Kauai are sandy and pristine. 

At any given time, I have no less than 50 photos I’ve yet to post which I keep in a folder on my desktop, each day moving the photos I’ve used that day to a permanent file. On occasion, when we do post the same photo more than once, I say so in the caption. That’s not to say I don’t make an error from time to time. Gosh, try to write an essay with photos everyday and not make mistakes.  It goes with the territory. 

If perfection were the objective, one would tire of doing this rather quickly. Knowing our readers give nary a thought to our occasional error, I go at it each morning between 7:00 and 11:00 am (our time) with a passion only I can explain. Its been almost three years since the first post, two years since posting daily.

A breakwater with a warning light and a small fishing boat.

This morning as I perused our remaining yet unseen 78 photos, I contemplated the nature of a theme in the photos, which invariably I attempt to include although not always mentioned. 

Today, I’m at a loss so please bear with me. There is no theme, no rhyme or reason to these photos and perhaps those over the next several day’s photos as the predicted week-long rain continues.

One day we stopped by the Kilauea Lighthouse which was closed for the day, hoping to see whales. We’ve yet to tour the lighthouse with it been so crowded on the days it’s open, Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm. We didn’t see whales but will return for a tour as the tourist season wanes in a few months.

Once the sun shines again, we’ll be back out walking and driving enjoying the wonders of Kauai, telling our story in both words and photos, sharing them with all of you the next day.

Luckily, although its raining, we still have a social life. Today, we’re off to friends Richard and Elaine’s lovely home for a midday party with another couple we’ve yet to meet. There’s no doubt it will be a delightful day, although indoors, as we revel in the privilege of having friends in Kauai.

A craggy shoreline in our area of Princeville, where most beaches are located below a steep and treacherous cliffs, often inaccessible. A mere 10 to 15 minute drive will take us to exquisite sandy beaches as shown in past posts.

As soon as I’m done here, I’ll make the second dish I’m bringing to share upon my own insistence. Yesterday, I prepared the first dish. Since our cozy condo is simply too small for entertaining anyone other than ourselves, we feel highly motivated to bring a dish (when appropriate) when visiting other’s homes.

Rain, snow, or shine, we all tend to find ways to keep ourselves entertained and hopefully, engrossed in whatever we choose to do. Happy Saturday!

                                             Photo from one year ago today, February 28, 2014:

We took this photo, our last sunset in South Africa, as our plane headed out of South Africa. Tears welled up in my eyes not only when saying goodbye to our many friends but also to the many visitors that oddly came to call over the last several days as if they knew we were leaving. (Oh, well. Its romantic to think that anyway). Someday, we’ll return. In the interim, our hearts are filled with memories we’ll carry with us for the rest of our lives. For details from that day as we made our way to Morocco, please click here.

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