Strange action in the sea in front of us…Human and animal…A year ago…an astounding sunset!

It’s interesting to see the notched rough edges along the fluke of the whale that obviously have been injured in their long-distance travels often from Alaska to Hawaii.

Yesterday, as we’ve often done while living in this house on the ocean in Pahoa, we sat outside most of the day with our usual hour in the sun and the remainder of the day in the shade, whale watching, and seeing some unusual action in the sea in from of the house as shown in these photos.

The dorsal fin of one of yesterday’s spotted whales.

Oh sure, interspersed throughout the day was a load of laundry, prepping for dinner, a wonderful conversation on Skype with my cousin in Boston, and a delightful chat with the new couple that moved in next door (into the house we lived in over the holidays).

In addition, I completed packing the box of non-perishable foods we’ll soon take to the post office which we’ll mail to ourselves in Kauai. 

We spotted these peculiar items in the sea in front of the house in Pahoa wondering what it could be. Upon closer inspection we realized it was a person snorkeling.

This morning, I completely packed my clothing suitcase, leaving out everything I’ll need for tomorrow and Thursday when we’ll drive to Hilo to stay in a hotel near the airport overnight to fly to Kauai in the morning. 

For ease, we’ve learned that wearing the same clothing two days in a row (with fresh underwear, of course) when staying overnight in a hotel and flying away the next day, makes the most sense. In the event that our clothes get dirty or sweaty, we can easily open our clothing bags to grab a new shirt or pants, if necessary.  Easy.

The helmet appeared to be military when we noted the camouflage design.

All of our toiletry items, under three ounces per airline regulations, will go into the side pocket of our duffel bag which we’ll carry on as usual, containing the heaviest of our clothing, jeans for both of us.

Thus, by tomorrow morning after using the few toiletry items, we’ll be fully packed and ready to go. Today, I threw away a few worn-out items, a swimsuit and two of my tee shirts, in an effort to continually lighten my load. 

Back to the whale watching. Yes, we saw a number of “blow holes” capturing the few photos. Although none were extraordinary in a photo, some were astounding to the naked eye.

This photo of the snorkeler was somewhat confusing. Could they have been conducting some type of research?

Sharing a conversation with the new couple next day made us realize how much we enjoy interacting with others in our travels. Often, the people we meet are experienced travelers making it especially fun to share travel stories, many times discovering we’ve been to some of the same locations. Of course, we also enjoy meeting those “less traveled” who share stories of daily life we also relish in hearing.

For many, the far away locations are beyond the reach of travelers who are still working and have time constraints. For us, our upcoming opportunity to spent over two years in the South Pacific was beyond our wildest dreams. Its hard for us to believe that in a mere four months, we’ll be on our way.

Let’s face it, time moves quickly. Its hard to imagine that on the upcoming cruise from Singapore on October 31, 2016, that we described in the posts of the past few days, that the day we embark will be the four year anniversary of our leaving to travel the world on October 31, 2012.

Upon closer inspection, we noticed there were two such snorkelers.

Tomorrow, we’ll be posting the final expenses for our entire time on the Big Island for all of the expenses for our alone time here and the family visit including the cost of airfare for our 12 travelers. 

Hold onto your seats, dear readers. Its a BIG number, a number that precipitated the upcoming four months in Kauai, to “lick our wounds” as Tom would say, living modestly without fanfare.

We’re excited to be on the move tomorrow, anxious to begin this next period in our travels, as life continues on…

                                             Photo from one year ago today, January 13, 2014:

A year ago, while visiting a lovely resort overlooking the Crocodile River in South Africa, we had the opportunity to get this shot of the sunset, one we’ll always treasure as the sun made a path not unlike the flow of lava. How ironic at this point!  For other great photos on the Crocodile River, please click here.

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