Part 2…Another day in paradise…Family style…Sightseeing!…More family photos!…Daily whale sightings, photos to follow in a few days…

The 442 feet Akaka Falls.

The first few days here in Pahoa, situated up close and personal to the sea, we weren’t as familiar with spotting whales as we are now. From our last fruitless whale watching expedition in Maui a few weeks ago, we learned to watch for the “blow hole” spout of steam, not so much water, as explained to us by the on board marine biologist.

We took the “suggested circle route.”
With little time as we’re preparing to leave for the day, I wasn’t able to find the name of this flower we spotted at Akaka State Park.

Since that point, we’ve learned to keep our eyes peeled for the spray from the blowhole which has proved to a perfect way to spot a whale or pod of whales. As a result, the six of us, have spent most of our time at home, yelling, “blowhole!” At that point, we all scramble to get cameras and binoculars poised for action.

A type of Hawaiian tropical plant. Tom said it looked like a lobster cocktail, as opposed to a shrimp cocktail.
Type of orchid. We can’t seem to find the name on this one either.

Yesterday alone, we had no less than a dozen sightings, squealing every time in a frenzied state of excitement.  It’s hard to look away long enough to go inside to “check the tire pressure,” an expression used by our safari guide in the Masai Mara when one needed to take a bathroom break in the bush behind a rock or tree.

Another view of Akaka Falls as it hits the basin.
A smaller waterfall in the state park.

Exploring out and about half the time during daylight hours, we’re left with ample time to whale watch. But, today we’re off for the Kapoho Tide Pools especially after reading these reviews at TripAdvisor.

Family at Akaka Falls.

Sarah and TJ are making breakfast as I sit here preparing today’s post and Tom researches our plan and route for the day. Homebodies that we are, we’re really enjoying heading out with family exploring this lovely island.

This hanging flower is a Rattle Snake. Interesting.
The Hawaiian Cup of Gold.

Although somewhat less filled with “attractions” than some of the other islands, we’re content with the offerings of the lovely island of Hawai’i, which has the perfect amount for us.

Notice the Green Day Gecko atop this Hawaiian Tropical Flower.
Wow!  Busy item!

Simply driving through country-like areas in itself is interesting and entertaining, which we’ll continue to do during our time here. With the high cost of some attractions, it’s rewarding to be able to relish in the island’s simple beauty while on the road.

A smaller waterfall at the Akaka State Park.
Double waterfall at Akaka State Park.

Having family on hand to enjoy these treasures with us is beyond description. How often we’ve mentioned in our travels, how much our kids and grandkids would enjoy what we’ve seen. 

Pools from the falls.

Today, we share more of our photos from Monday’s road trip with more to share as we continue on.

Possible type of Plumeria?
Wild weed type plants growing along the road to Akaka State Park.

Have a happy hump day for those still working and another “who cares what day of the week it is,” for those of us retirees.

                                            Photo from one year ago today, December 11, 2013:

We were the owner’s dinner guests in the boma at the Royal Kruger Lodge in Marloth Park when we scheduled a visit to the lodge to familiarize ourselves with life in the park. The hosts were fabulous as well as the food. For more details, please click here.

Comments and responses Part 2…Another day in paradise…Family style…Sightseeing!…More family photos!…Daily whale sightings, photos to follow in a few days…

  1. liz Reply

    What fantastic flowers and beautiful waterfalls. We are being battered in the South West of England by 60 mph winds as I write and almost horizontal rain! Dave and I are heading out to a 'National Trust' property on Saturday. It is an amazing Victorian Gothic house with 94 rooms! The National Trust staff and volunteers have worked hard to dress the house for Christmas as it would have been done in the glory days of large family and staff. My friend volunteers as a flower arranger there. In the evening grounds are lit up and we have a guided tour ending in the Orangery with mulled wine and mince pies. Lovely!
    All the best to the family I am glad you are enjoying the island together and making some great memories!

  2. Jessica Reply

    Liz, I'd love for you to send me a few of your photos from your visit to the National Trust. That certainly sounds like an enjoyable Christmas activity. Hope you both have a fabulous holiday season.

    Lots of love to you both,
    Jess & Tom

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