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This is where we are located in Princeville, located on Ka Haku Road, the road closest to the ocean in the group of condos shown on the south side of the road in the center of this map.

With all the whackos out there in the world, a few of which send us a comment from time to time that we don’t bother to post, we don’t list our exact address. One can never be too safe. There is no place in the world that is 100% free of danger.

The albatross continues to thrive in the neighborhood.
This albatross is sitting on an egg.  Both the male and female sit on the nest, the other heading out to sea for food.

As for comments on our posts in general, we absolutely love receiving them. The way it works is simple:
1.  At the end of each day’s post, there’s a place to comment by clicking on what looks like a pencil, a universal symbol used on the web for comments.
2.  Once selected, the reader is asked to identify themselves. If one chooses to be “anonymous,” they can choose to do so. We respond whether you name yourself or choose anonymously.
3.  At the end of your comment in the box provided you can hit save or upload.
4.  Within minutes, I receive your comment in my email inbox to review before posting. Once I read the comment, I can choose to post it or not.

Look at this face!  The eyes are intriguing.

We post almost every comment we receive. The only ones we choose to delete or report as spam are those of an inappropriate nature of one sort or another.

On occasion, we’ve received a comment that is bashing our lifestyle. We don’t feel we need to respond or post to such comments. Why give haters the opportunity to have an arena to express their views? This site is not intended as a political arena or a place to express hatred for the chosen lives of others, whatever that may be.

Many gorgeous homes line the golf course.

However, 99% of the comments we receive, we post exactly as written, always responding within 24 hours or less, except perhaps on our extra long travel days.

An empty lot in the neighborhood.  What a view!

Hearing from our readers means so much to us. We’ve made many wonderful friends from communicating via comments and later by email as relationships nurture and grow. At times, our readers prefer to communicate by email and if done so, we do not post the email, keeping the communication between us and the reader.

Another lovely home in the neighborhood of the albatross.

On occasion, one of our readers wants more information on my way of eating and how it improved mine and Tom’s health (when he’s up to following it). They choose to express this privately rather than in a public forum.  We always respect the reader’s privacy by keeping the discussion confidential.

Banyon tree in the neighborhood.

However, when readers choose to share a personal story, questions, or comments on our site, we are thrilled to post it, knowing that we and our readers may benefit from their experiences.

After all, a huge part of our joy in sharing these personal details of our daily lives is derived from the possibility that others may derive enjoyment, the fulfillment of curiosity, or a tidbit of knowledge from our crazy life on the move.

This hanging item is actually a rain chain as opposed to the downspout. Thanks to our reader, Annie for commenting and educating us as to what this is.

Let’s face it, this life we live is not for everyone. In actuality, we’ve yet to meet a couple who does it like us.  Surely, someday we will. We have no doubt that others very similar to us are out there. Wouldn’t we love to share stories with them!

The golf course side of a beautiful house.

Today, we’re heading to the pool for my workout and then an hour of sun before a predicted storm rolls in with high winds and rain. At 5:30, we’re heading to the home of new friends we made at last week’s “Full Moon Party.”

Another empty lot awaiting a new house to be built.

Ken and Barb (not Barbie, she graciously reminded us) live close to our friends Elaine and Richard. And again this Wednesday, we’re meeting up with more new friends from the party for happy hour at a local establishment. What a wonderfully busy week! We’re always so grateful to make new friends.

Another Monday. It remains to be an odd feeling each Monday when I don’t have to go to work. It makes me wonder if, in time, this feeling will dissipate and Monday will simply be Monday. 

Many gated communities have fountains.

After 45 years of hard work, as most of us retirees have accomplished in one way or another, at times, we struggle with this major change in our lives, however welcome retirement may be.

For us, having a purpose whatever that may be, makes retirement simply another chapter in our lives to cherish, to enjoy, and most of all to share with others.

Happy Monday. Happy life.

                                            Photo from one year ago today, February 9, 2014:

It was a year ago today that we visited friends Linda and Ken at their home in Marloth Park. Ken was excited to show us this shed snakeskin from the horrifying Black Mamba, one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. He found this skin in the second story veranda of their home. It made our skin crawl thinking how close they came to this dreaded beast. For details on this date, please click here.

Comments and responses Our location…Google Maps…Commenting on our posts…The making new friends continues…

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Jess and Tom,
    That is a rain chain which is used instead of a downspout.

  2. Jessica

    Annie, thanks so much for educating us! I correct the post immediately! Love that you wrote to us.

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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