On the road again!…Mini vacation, here we come!…

The flower blooming season is yet to come, which we’ll have the opportunity to experience before we depart in May. Even without flowers, the greenery is colorful in its own way.

On Friday, it will be my birthday. Away from family and old friends and with a desire to avoid making a commotion with new friends, yesterday we decided to head to Poipu, Kauai to see the Waimea Canyon and other local points of interest.

Tom in deep thought while gazing at the sea.

Leaving this Thursday morning, we’ll make the 70-minute drive to the hotel, the Sheraton Kauai, to drop off our stuff (one duffel bag) and check out some of the sites in the popular beach town. Later, we’ll spend a little time by the hotel’s pool and to check out the hotel’s amenities.

By using the Hotels.com link here on our site, we’ve been able to accumulate enough points recently for three nights in hotels. Recently, we used one of those night’s credits in Hilo before the flight from Big Island to Kauai and now a second credit for this hotel in Poipu.

With rates over $300, a night at the Sheraton Kauai including the “resort fee” ($30 extra charge hotels often charge in order to beef up their revenue), our credit for $216 was useful. 

By the time we visit the Waimea Canyon on Friday morning, we’ll have traveled almost the entire perimeter of the island at one point or another. Once we arrive at the northern tip of the Waimea Canyon, we’ll be relatively close to Princeville. However, the only way to return is the way we came, heading south following the eastern side of the island back up to the north. There are no roads from the Waimea Canyon area to Princeville.

Trees near the beaches provide welcome relief in the shade on sunny days.

It is the remote nature of many areas of this island that are particularly appealing to us. Of course, the towns along the way are crowded with tourists, not so much with the locals when the entire population for the island as of 2013 is only 69,512. Over 1,300,000 tourists visit Kauai each year.

In March, the road from Princeville will be under construction in parts. We had hoped to make this trip before it began. Now is as good a time as any to visit the Waimea Canyon.

Unlike many other beaches in the world, Kauai’s beaches are surrounded by vegetation.

As for the birthday thing, it’s of little importance to me and for that matter to Tom either. When we began our travels, we decided to forgo any hoopla about holidays, birthdays, cards, and gifts. Instead, we feel the love each and every day. 

The gift we’ve given one another of joyful, peaceful, and stress-free travel is all either of us need from the other. And this, we give to one another in abundance for which we both are very grateful.

The beach is equally beautiful on cloudy days.  Now, is Kauai’s rainy season and yet we’ve been fortunate to have many sunny days.

The age thing only plays any relevance to either of us in the hopes that our current level of health and fitness is maintained through many years to come. If I had a cake with candles to blow out (and surely it would be many candles) my only wish would be for the health and well-being of those we love and for our continuing health in our travels.

A few days ago we met a wonderful couple well into their 80’s that travels for most of the year. Although they have a home, unlike us, their goal is to be able to continue on. 

The rich colors of the rocky cliffs.

In essence, our lives are easier in many ways than for those who travel part of the time. We don’t have to go back to repack, pay bills, arrange maintenance for a house and yard, read the piles of mail, and tend to all the responsibilities of daily life. All we do is move to a new location every two to three months which now, with our reduced amount of luggage, can be accomplished in minutes not hours. 

We’re often surprised by how few people there on the beach each day.

One last comment on the age thing; I will be 67 on Friday, a number that has little effect on me one way or another. I have never been shy about my age. Age is only relevant in that time seems to be ticking a little faster as we’ve grown older. 

A bonfire, ready to light.

Working out with vigor once again makes me feel revitalized and more youthful. I am committed to continuing to find a place to workout wherever we may live in the future. It was impossible finding workout facilities in the mountains of Tuscany, the hills of Madeira, and in the bush in Africa. 

Waves, ready for surfers.

When we’ll soon head to Australia, New Zealand and some of the countries in which we’ll live in the South Pacific it appears there may be some types of accessible workout facilities. If not, I’ll manage a workout routine at home. 

We never tire of the beauty of the sky and surf.

We’ll continue to post each day including on Thursday morning before we leave Princeville and then again on Friday while in Poipu. We’re looking forward to sharing many new photos and adventures of our upcoming “get away” in days to come.

Have a happy day!

                                           Photo from one year ago today, February 17, 2014:

One year ago, we were on our final bush braai, a cookout in the bush at night in Kruger National Park, wild animals all around us and guards with rifles protecting the perimeter of our camp. For details, please click here.

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  1. itztru Reply

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday and continued good health and happiness…wherever you may be. All the best from the Grady's in Vermont!

  2. Jessica Reply

    Lisa, thank you so much! And all the best to you and your loved ones as well. I bet you've had a tough winter so far with all the snow in New England. Hope you've managed to stay warm and safe through it all.

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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