Who’ll Stop the Rain…

Horses on the grounds of Namale Resort.

The Credence Clearwater Revival song, “Who’ll Stop the Rain” came to Tom’s mind when early this morning I asked him about a rain-related song as once again the rain continued. He’s a “rock and roll” kind of guy, choosing this song.   

Today, we have to get out. Mother Hubbard’s cupboard thing… it’s bare. We don’t have anything left to eat except for three cans of tuna and two dozen eggs. Yeah, I know tuna salad which we prefer in hot weather, not when it’s cool and rainy.

Here’s the 10-day forecast for Fiji.  Looks like we’re in for a lot more rain. 

The sign near the entrance to Namale Resort & Spa where we’re booked for our anniversary and photos.

My bill hat and parka are ready to go, although neither is waterproof.  There’s no umbrella here or in our luggage. Besides, we’d look foolish with an umbrella although many older Fijians carry umbrellas as a parasol to protect themselves from the heat of the sun (when it’s shining). The Fijian people don’t seem to mind walking in the rain. 

We’ve been soaked many times during these past three years. This time won’t be any different and we’ll carry on as we have in the past, getting drenched to the bone. In no time at all, we’ll be back home, changing into dry clothing.

Speaking of these past three years, in 16 days, on October 31st, it will be our three year anniversary since we left Minnesota to begin our journey. We decided to celebrate and in doing so, hopefully, create some good photo opportunities along the way.

The Blue Lagoon beach is near Namale Resort.  We’d taken these blue sky photos when we were out on a partially clear day a few weeks ago.

Yesterday, we booked a special tour and lunch at Namale Resort owned by the world-renowned motivational speaker, Anthony Robbins, whose seminars, son Richard and I attended over the years. Namale Resort is where hungry-minded travelers come from all over the world for the pricey and inspiring seminars held on-site at the exclusive resort in Savusavu. 

The all-inclusive resort doesn’t allow entry from non-guests for dining or tours. I wrote to the marketing department and they’ve agreed to allow us to do a story on the resort (after they checked out our site) and will host a lunch for us to celebrate our three year anniversary.

We’ve chosen lunch as opposed to dinner to ensure we’d be able to take photos in daylight. Besides, the steep, uneven, and unlit walk from the road to our house would be too dangerous to tackle at night in the dark.

Another popular resort in the area, Savasi Island Resort. Prices aren’t posted online.

We considered an overnight stay at a resort or a boat charter but, it didn’t make sense with the constant rain and expense. What a disappointment it would be to have arranged and paid for a boat charter when it could easily be raining. We’ve certainly had that experience many times over these past years.

As for booking a night or two in a resort to celebrate our anniversary, that idea didn’t make sense when we’re already living in a lovely resort with an ocean view, a pool, housekeeping services and basically, all we need. What would be the point of paying for two resorts simultaneously? 

Our tour of Namale Resort has been arranged with open arms and we look forward to sharing details of the upscale property where a typical ocean view room is around USD $2000, FJD $4273 a night.  We look forward to sharing the details and photos of the experience as we celebrate yet another year in our lives of travel.

As for upcoming photos, we’re chomping at the bit. With enough on hand to get us through another 10 posts, we’re looking forward to getting out on a sunny day or at least partially clear day. 

The beach along the road near Namale Resort was lined with vegetation.

Many throughout the world live in climates with frequent if not daily rainy weather. Here’s an interesting slide show of the 10 rainiest places on earth, including two in Hawaii. We lived in both of these locations this past year.

While in Kauai for four months, it rained to some degree almost every day. The mountain and waterfalls shown in this slide show were in our view from the backyard in Princeville. 

When we soon head out at 1 pm for the trip to the village, we’ll bring along the camera as always. One never knows what treasures we may find.  We’ll be back tomorrow with more.

Have a fine day!

Photo from one year ago today, October 15, 2014:

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