Kruger National Park posted our video on their YouTube!!!…The reality of “haters” in social media…

Male kudu attempting to reach the seeds in the bird feeder.  He wasn’t successful.

“Sighting of the Day in the Bush”

Greater Blue-eared Starling.

Last week, after returning from Kruger, we posted the following video from our YouTube site of two cape buffalos whose horns became entangled during an altercation which may be found at this link. Fine and good. 

We didn’t think much more about it until after we’d searched YouTube and hadn’t found much in the way of a similar situation. We giggled at the prospect of getting lots of hits on the video and how fun it would be to track.

As mentioned in an earlier post, we don’t make any money on the video since we hadn’t “monetized it.” As we’ve often said, we share what we find worldwide with whoever would like to see or read it. That way, we prevent feeling like doing “this” is a job that would create stress and a sense of urgency we’d prefer to avoid in this amazing life we lead.

There are two hornbills in this photo.  The one was waiting her turn while the other was busy eating the seeds in the feeder. They may have been a mating pair but refused to share.

When Kruger National Park, SANParks (South Africa National Parks), contacted us asking if we’d allow them to post the unique video on their website, we agreed. We hoped we’d acquire more readers with whom we were going can share our world travels. However, we didn’t have a lot of expectations as to any particular outcome.

Before we continue, I must add that we’ve been blessed over the past six years since we began posting (start date, March 14, 2012) with very few negative comments or “haters,” those who look for opportunities to criticize anything they see online. 

Why don’t we get haters for our site? The only reason we can imagine is that we “tell it as we see it,” and we’re vulnerable, revealing our flaws and foibles. It’s hard to critique someone who’s critiquing themselves.  Avoiding haters was never intended to be “open,” but somehow, we believe this may have been instrumental.

Female kudus waste no time in letting us know what they want.

In our early days, a hateful commenter wrote, “How dare you spend OUR money traveling the world.” Duh, YOUR money? It was Tom’s 42.5 years of working on the railroad making contributions, along with the company, for his years of dedicated hard work. It was never “taken” from anyone else. 

After that isolated hater, we haven’t felt any comments or questions posed our way have been from “haters.”  We’ve loved and continue to love the interaction with our worldwide readers, which we receive every day. 

Once we agreed with Kruger National Park to post the video on their YouTube site (click here to see), we never gave it much more of a thought. Yesterday, we received an email that the video had been posted and is ready for viewing.

Last night, as darkness fell, these three zebras stopped by for carrots, apples, and pellets. Of course, there was a warthog in the background waiting for the leftovers.

We always reply to comments within 24 hours, except on travel days which may delay a response by a day or two. Thank you to all of you out there who write to us and also to those of you who lurk at their leisure without comments.

This morning we decided to check and see how many hits the video had. Less than 24 hours after posting it, it’s received over 2000 hits. It’s not millions and most likely won’t be, but it’s been fun for us.

Yep, the haters have arrived. A select few are knocking our video, and for the first time in over six years (except for the above-isolated case), we’re feeling the brunt of how impactful negative online comments can be. 

Kudus seem to be intimated by zebras due to their powerful kicks and, thus, won’t join in on the snacks.

Generally, we have thick skins. We have to live this unusual life on the move, especially after so much time has passed. But, like so many others who are subject to haters on various social media platforms, it stings a bit to read negative comments and see “thumbs down” on something we’ve done without an ulterior motive and for the love and passion for wildlife.

Of course, we won’t let this impact the joy in our lives, nor will it stop us from taking videos of situations we find exciting and unique. If you’ve never seen our YouTube page, please click here

We have dozens of fun, funny and unique videos with almost no negative comments or reactions. I can’t tell you how often people write to us when they see a video they find interesting, and always, we’re pleased and flattered by the positive response.

The zebras are aggressive with one another while snacking, often kicking and head-butting one another.

This is not unlike all the negative press worldwide about South Africa. Haters are impacting tourism in this beautiful country. Sure, there is a lot of crime in some big cities, but there was a horrific crime only 30 minutes from where we lived in Minnesota, which continues today. 

In evaluating crime in big cities throughout the world, one can evaluate the crime rates in big cities in their own country.  As Tom always says, “Where there are tall buildings and lots of people, there is criminal activity.” This is so true.

South Africa has so much to offer, and the negative comments one can read at many news outlets if often an exaggeration of a few unique situations. Let’s face it; we can’t believe the news anymore when the newsmonger’s goals are centered on sensationalism to make more and more money.

Little Wart Face was exhausted after chasing a female around the yard for about an hour, unfortunately for him, without any luck.

Well, anyway, I always promise not to get involved here in controversial topics, and today, as usual, I’ll back off on this topic. South Africa is a great country to visit, with most areas safe for tourists, especially if they stay away from the more crime-ridden areas. But this is true in London, Paris, Auckland, Lisbon, and New York. The list could go on and on. 

We all must do our research to discover what is best for our safety as we travel. Some of the best resources are other travelers who’ve visited these countries and have enjoyed exciting and worthwhile visits to lands they never imagined they’d get to see.

If you go to Kruger’s link to our site here, you may or may not agree with the negative comments about our video.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But behind every wildlife video is a human being who chose to share something they found worthy of sharing in one way or another, whether motivated by money, notoriety, or for the pure joy of it (as in our case).

We’ve loved to hear your comments on this topic. You may choose to post a comment at the end of today’s post or any post or write to us via email. We appreciate every one of YOU! Thank you for “stopping by” and sharing yet another little piece of our lives.

Photo from one year ago today, May 31, 2017:

This was my favorite photo from Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Columbia. For more photos, please click here.