Centre City Shopping Centre…Shopping in New Plymouth…

Tom, outside the shopping mall.

Visiting shopping malls throughout the world has proved rather interesting. Varying in size and appearance from tiny strip malls in Diani Beach, Kenya manned with armed military checking our driver’s vehicle for bombs and frisking us upon entering the shops, to massive luxurious indoor multi level modern malls such as in Dubai, United Arabic Emirates.

As we entered the mall, it was evident we were in a modern facility.
A nail salon, Regal Beauty Therapist.

We had few expectations for one of the two indoor malls in New Plymouth, the Centre City Shopping Centre. With the relatively small population in the area, under 80K, and the fact that this is a casual area we were surprised by the wide array of shops in the modern building. 

Serve yourself frozen yogurt with a separate unlocked display for easy access toppings.

Recently dining in two of the most “fancy” restaurants in town, like us, most were dressed in khaki pants, jeans, nice shorts, and shirts. Some women were wearing casual cotton-type skirts and casual dresses. 

Seating in the food court.

As a result of the casual nature of this area, the shops in the Centre City Shopping Centre mall located in downtown New Plymouth include many stores selling blue jeans to dressy casual, some cruise wear, mostly women’s clothing of all sizes with fewer men’s stores.

A book store.

The styles that appeal to my needs seemed few, but I had little chance to really check as we breezed through the mall. I haven’t been shopping for clothing in a large mall since our three-day trip to Boston 17 months ago, to visit family when our Atlantic crossing cruise ended. I have no idea as to current styles, colors, pant/jean designs for adult women these days.

Coffee shop with baked goods.

With limited clothing in our possession (as shown in our photos as we wear the same clothing over and over again) neutral is the best way to go. I only own two items with patterns, both of which are getting ready to toss, as they’ve worn out beyond repair.

More desserts and baked goods.

As we wandered the multiple-level mall, I checked the stores to see if there were anywhere I’d be able to find a few new items for the upcoming seven booked cruises. 

 Candy in NZ is referred to as “lollie.”  This Lollie Cake Slice looks good.

While in Hawaii, a year ago, I’d purchased a few new tops for the then-upcoming cruise from Hawaii to Sydney.  As mentioned above, a few of those items already show signs of wear and tear making them unsuitable for my taste.

A general merchandise shop.

I made an error in purchasing the remainder of the items in Hawaii that wrinkle so badly they’re unwearable unless ironed each time they’re worn. Next time I shop, I’ll choose wrinkle-free items.

Shoes in many styles.

As my eyes darted back and forth from store to store, I could tell Tom was antsy although he made every effort to allow me to peruse. There’s no way I’d be able to shop with him along, sensing how annoyed he gets in a mall.

Jeans store and chain haircutting shop Tom visited in Australia.

Thus, we decided that during our last month here, he’ll drop me off at the mall, picking me up a few hours later. The time constraint won’t bother me and hopefully, I’ll be able to find a few suitable items. 

Few men’s shops compared to women’s options.

In no time at all, I suggested we leave. We walked each of the three levels, checked out the food court, stopped in the pharmacy, looked at the “sweets” in a variety of shops as shown in photos (purchasing none) and it was time to be on our way.

Farmers is a popular larger department store.  Prices seem reasonable at most of the stores. 

Each time we’re out, when we return “home” we feel happy to have explored and happy to have embraced the way of life in our current location. New Zealand is special. The journey continues…

Photo from one year ago today, February 24, 2015:

We were intrigued by the oblong shape of this palm tree trunk at Kukuiolono Park which we visited one year ago. For more details and photos, please click here.