Problem with the letter “i”…Why?…Upcoming social plans…Moving tomorrow morning…Hppo, I mean “Hippo” photos…

On Thursday night when we went to Ngwenya for dinner, we perused the Crocodile River for wildlife. Until almost dark, we hadn’t seen a thing until finally, this hippo popped up in the shallow water with several bird friends nearby. In the impending dark, we weren’t able to determine what is located in front of her mouth other than a clump of dirt in the shallow water.

There’s a problem with the letter “i” on the keyboard of my new computer. It’s worrying me.I awoke during the night thinking about the “i” wondering what I will do about it.

I’ve tried everything on the “solutions” list and now am faced with calling HP on Skype which I dread. Having used a computer for most of my adult life, I know what they’ll say, “Send it in for repair under its warranty.”  That’s not possible! We’re leaving South Africa in 20 days. Shipping anything at this point is ridiculous. Oh, please.

Perhaps, it’s foolish of me to hope that over time I’ll get used to pressing the letter with vigor or that eventually, from use, it will resolve itself. Then again, we’ve proven that we have the ability to adapt in the most peculiar situations. 

There she goes to safety for the night. Observing activity on the Crocodile River many times over these past months has shown us how the wildlife returns to the cover of Kruger National Park as darkness falls. Fortunately, for the mature hippo, few predators will attempt to attack them, including the crocodiles as shown in the photo below from our safari in the Maasai Mara in October 2013.

It was only in the past few days that I described what an awful typist I am. Now with the difficultly of pressing a key, it’s more frustrating. Any suggestions out there? I’d love to hear from you! Please comment at the end of this post.

On a more cheerful note… During the holidays we had the pleasure of meeting four wonderful couples, all homeowners in Marloth Park, all of whom have homes in other areas. They spend as much time here as they can since not all of them are retired. 

After the holidays ended, they returned to their other homes. But, in each case, we’ve stayed in touch by email.  Linda and Ken arrived back in Marloth Park yesterday and called inviting us to their home for a braai. We couldn’t be more thrilled!

Here’s our previously shown photo from our safari in the Masai Mara in October 2013;  Hippos and crocs hanging out together. This was quite a surprise to us. Hippos can weigh from 3300 to 4000 pounds, 1500 to 1800 kg. 

Tom and I both are social butterflies, having always enjoyed entertaining in our old lives and getting together with friends at their homes. Although, we don’t pine over not socializing when it’s just the two of us, having social plans is a bonus we’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

Living in “other people’s houses” makes us uncertain about us entertaining. Also, with limited cooking supplies available for entertaining, we’ve hesitated.  Instead, we do what most South African people do: have a braai (barbecue) with guests bringing their own meat, a dish to share and their own alcoholic beverages. That works for us.

Only too well do we know how much work it is to have guests in one’s home; the shopping, the cleaning before and after, the table settings, the clearing of the clutter of papers, bills, personal items scattered about most of our homes at times. It’s a full day or more task for one dinner gathering. We appreciate the invitations more than our hosts can imagine.

OK.  After looking up our photos from the Maasai Mara I could resist posting a few more of our previously shown hippos photos. This was one of the first wildlife sightings we experienced only minutes after arriving at the Masai Mara airport. Love it!

Tomorrow, Sunday, at noon we’re moving out of Khaya Umdani to make way for other guests. We’d assumed we’d be moving back to the little house where the remainder of our “stuff” is still located. 

When we first arrived at Khaya Umdani nine days ago, we weren’t certain how long we’d stay with the prospect of a possible booking sending us on our way. We’d packed enough for a long weekend, since returning to the little house on three occasions to pick up food, supplies, prescriptions, etc.

How they love basking in the sun at the water’s edge on the Mara River. Safari luck, for sure!

Louise and Danie graciously suggested we stay for yet another undetermined period in another of their upscale properties. How could we refuse? In our old lives, the uncertainty of how long we’d stay would have made us crazy. Now, it doesn’t even phase us. How we’ve changed!

This morning, I’ve already packed the food we’d placed in the kitchen cabinets. Tomorrow morning, we’ll pack the food in the refrigerator and freezer, clothing, toiletries, and digital equipment. Okee Dokee will pick us up at noon to drive the short distance to the new house, which is conveniently walking distance from the little house, in case we need anything additional. Easy.

A hippo, taking a break from sunbathing to sniff the ground, or is it that hippos heads are so heavy that they can’t lift them to look around?

As our remaining time in Marloth Park wafts away, we are reminded of how the beauty of nature and wildlife continue to be the core of our travels. Hopefully, soon, throwing in a huge dose of culture may ultimately prove to add another element to our travels that we find enriching and fulfilling. We shall see.

Comments and responses Problem with the letter “i”…Why?…Upcoming social plans…Moving tomorrow morning…Hppo, I mean “Hippo” photos…

  1. Joanette Larson Reply

    Pop the "I" key off, if you can and dust with a paintbrush. Sometimes dust gets in and prevents a connection.

  2. Jessica Reply

    Joanette, thanks so much for your suggestions. Some times, the simplest solutions solves the biggest problems. And yes, your suggestion helped tremendously. The letter i is now working better! You're the best!

    Thank you for sharing our journey with us and your kind response to what was an annoying problem.

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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