Perpendicular Deli, Espresso Bar, Restaurant and shop… A “not-to-be-missed” stop for tourists and locals…

Talk about friendly people in Penguin!  Karen and Daniel, owners of Perpendicular are the epitome of Australian (and Penguin) warmth and kindness, making every patron walking through the door feeling as if this special spot could easily be a second home.

When Terry, our new friend, and landlord told us about Perpendicular Deli, Espresso Bar, Restaurant and shop, located off Main Street, only a short walk from our vacation home in Penguin, Tasmania, we couldn’t resist making a visit.

Karen and Daniel, both Australians, the thoughtful, creative, and friendly owners were quick to share their story of dreaming of owning a business in this quaint oceanfront town. 
Perpendicular Deli, Espresso Bar, Restaurant and Shop is located off Main Street in Penguin, Tasmania at 7 Arnold Street (behind the big bargain bottle shop). Note the penguin on the roof!  Easy parking is available in the lot as shown and on the street.

During this past year, they’ve made their dreams a reality with hard work and dedication, a customer-friendly design, easy to access location and the finest of food products and amenities. 

In the process, a casual, French-inspired café, barista, and restaurant was born to further the dining needs of the residents of Penguin who’ve had few dining establishments in this small town of a population of approximately 4000.
Casual dining area in Perpendicular!  Breakfast is served from 6:30 am to 10 am and dinner  is served from 5:30 pm six days a week.  Perpendicular is closed on Wednesdays.  Call with questions:  0416 462 162 or (03) 6437 2659 or email Daniel at
Penguin attracts tourists from all over the world for its beautiful beaches, water sports, quaint persona and habitat for the small Fairy Penguins.  When tourists arrive in a community, having a variety of dining establishments becomes a must.
Travelers staying in holiday homes with cooking facilities usually have little interest in preparing complicated time-consuming meals.  Those staying in hotels often seek a local and inviting venue that enables them to dress casually, enjoy delicious meals in a relaxed environment and be on their way to sightsee and engage in water sports and other activities. 
A comprehensive display of oils and condiments befitting cooks of all experience.

Perpendicular totally fulfils that objective when either local residents or tourists are seeking quality foods to enjoy onsite or to takeaway for a fast and convenient meal, delicious with the finest of ingredients Perpendicular has readily available.

After days of cloudy skies, this morning we stopped at Perpendicular to take an additional outdoor photo.  When we’d previously visited Karen and Daniel before Christmas the day was dark and cloudy. 
The deli case includes a variety of meats, cheeses, olives, and more. On the top shelf of the refrigerated case noticed the huge chunks of homemade nougat candy.  That was tempting!  The shelf above the refrigerated case contains an array of sweet treats and other gourmet items.  Prices are very reasonable for the quality products.

This morning, rushing to return to complete this post, we drove as opposed to walking to Perpendicular. Once Tom parked the car so I could take the outdoor photo we’ve included today, I decided to pop in to say hello and to purchase the olive oil-based feta cheese Daniel had mentioned on our prior visit.

Terry explained that Perpendicular carries the exact same Caraway Cheddar we’d purchased by mail from the Pyengana cheese factory. Almost a month ago we stopped at the cheese factory on our road trip from Hobart to Penguin purchasing one block of this cheese. Once we were settled we called Pyengana to order a 10 block supply by mail. Now that we know Perpendicular carries this brand, we can purchase it locally at Perpendicular.
Today for our main meal, I’m making myself a jumbo prawn salad with chopped hardboiled eggs, olives, tomatoes and cheese. Of course,  I knew the perfect cheese for such a salad would definitely be quality feta.
After we returned home, I opened the package of feta cheese for a taste and my taste buds soared with delight.  I can’t wait for mealtime! Tom, not a big fan of salads with meat (except taco salad), will have grilled steak with prawns, a side salad and veggies.
A superb barista section prepares a wide array of coffee-based beverages for the most finicky of espresso aficionados.

We’re excited to have found Perpendicular Deli, Espresso Bar and Providore and look forward to stopping by a few more times for meats and cheeses during our remaining two weeks in this amazing town of Penguin.

 Happy New Year’s Day to our friends on the opposite side of the International Dateline! For us, the holidays are over and it’s another “wonderful day in the neighborhood.”  

Photo from one year ago today, January 2, 2016:

The pool at the vacation home in Pacific Harbour, Fiji was pristine being cleaning three times a week. We spent many days during the one month stay on the island of Viti Levu (the main island of Fiji) lounging outdoors. For more details please click here.

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  1. Jessica Reply

    Thanks, Terry! It was a pleasure meeting Karen and Daniel and I hope to see them again before we leave.

    Happy New Year and thanks for your thoughtful comments.

    Jess & Tom

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