On the upswing…

Five years ago today, Tom got a kick out of this old Ford “woody” that was on display at the Maui Tropical Plantation. For more photos, please click here.

We had hoped to stay here through Thanksgiving and possibly Christmas to help Camille and Greg while going through chemo. Unfortunately, my severe allergy to cats (and they have one, Morty) has made it impossible for me to be at their home for very long, especially since I got this dreadful “cruise cough,” yet to be resolved.

I’m hopeful today when last night I was able to sleep for about seven hours for the first time since our arrival ten days ago. I awoke five hours after taking Nyquil Cough, planning to stay awake another hour for another dose which can be repeated every six hours.  Miraculously, I fell back to sleep while waiting for the hour to pass.

The cough is a little better today, three days after the initial doses of cortisone and antibiotics, obviously both of which I needed. I’m hoping by the time we leave Minnesota in 10 days, this cough will be gone.

Today for several hours, we have some quiet time. Tom doesn’t have to leave until 3:15 pm to pick up Vincent for this afternoon’s planned activities, including a visit to a pinball place where they’ll most certainly have a good time. 

This afternoon, my long-time dear friend Chere, a highly successful motivational speaker, is stopping by around 3:30 to visit for a few hours. Chere and I have stayed in close touch all these years of world travel. I’m looking forward to seeing her.

With limitations on our time, we won’t have an opportunity to see many of our friends this time. We’re doing the best we can during this short three-week stay.

A short while ago, Tom got a call from his sister Colleen that their sister Betty 
(a nun) had gone into the hospital overnight in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for an unknown reason. Sister Beth had come here last week to see us. Due to my busy schedule, I was disappointed I never had a chance to see her. However, Tom spent time with her.

This morning, Tom called the convent to ascertain which hospital she was in and possibly receive information on her condition. He’s awaiting a callback. Once he hears, he’ll provide the remainder of the family with an update of her condition, based on how much information he can get from the hospital or if she’s able to talk from her.

The remaining ten days here in Minnesota will be busy. Tomorrow, Greg and I will go to lunch at his favorite Vietnamese restaurant in Uptown. On Wednesday, Camille and I go shopping for Christmas gifts for the kids. I’ve agreed to help her wrap packages but bring them back to Karen’s house when I can no longer spend much time near the cat.

Wednesday night, we’re taking Karen and Rich out to dinner at Gianni’s Restaurant in Wayzata, a favorite place from our old life with many romantic memories. This will be their first time dining there, and we can only hope it will be as wonderful as it was years ago.

And it goes on and on with many things planned in the next ten days. On Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, I’m going to a cardiac check-up at the Minnesota Heart Institute. I’d like to have this out of the way before we head to India. We’re praying for a good result that my progression has been good, and for now, I’m out of the woods. Of course, we’ll report the results here.

Soon, I’ll take off for the market. We need a few items, and it will be fun for me to wander through a US grocery store on my own leisurely.

Please stay healthy and happy as we roll into the holiday season in the USA.

Photo from one year ago today, November 18, 2018:

From left to right around the table:  Kathy, Janet, Steve, Don, Louise, Danie, Leon, Dawn, Uschi, Evan, while Tom and I shared the end of the table. Total in attendance: 12. For more photos, please click here.

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