It’s here…Super Bowl Sunday…

For those who enjoy US football, have a fun Super Bowl Sunday!

We bolted out of bed this morning, grateful for another day and anxious to start our day. I had a lot of chopping and dicing to get ready for tonight’s flat iron steak stir fry dish with celery, green and red bell peppers, yellow onions, green onions, fresh ginger, garlic, and a wide array of Asian sauces and spices, all topped with dry roasted peanuts.

I don’t have a recipe for this. I throw it all together and season it to taste. I am making a big enough batch to get us through Tuesday since on Wednesday, Valentine’s Day, we’re heading out to dinner down the flight of steps to Luna Rossa (as mentioned in a prior post). We love leftovers, and this particular dish reheats nicely. We only add the peanuts and green onion separately. Each night, so they don’t get soggy in the dish.

As mentioned earlier, we don’t make snacks during the game; instead, we’ll wait for the dinner, which we’ll serve fresh later in the game. We’ll be streaming it on Paramount Plus, so we can move my laptop to the center island and continue to stream the game during dinner so we don’t miss a beat.

At 11:00 am, the pregame show also starts live on Paramount Plus, so I am rushing through today’s post to set up my laptop near the HDMI cord hanging from the back of the TV. This TV doesn’t have the major national networks, and thus, we can’t wait for anything on the major networks.

This morning, while I chopped and diced, we streamed “Sunday Morning” directly from the CBS website, which is available to stream as soon as the show ends in New York, which was a good distraction while I prepped the vegetables. I could see the TV from the spot at the center island where I prep food each day, keeping me entertained.

This upcoming week will be fun with Valentine’s Day, and the following week will be my birthday on the 20th. On the 21st, we’ll be celebrating with Richard and his girlfriend, who is hosting an extraordinary event on the Strip, details of which we’ll share when it gets closer and with photos after the event.

A fair amount of walking will be required for that event, so I started ramping up my walking program yesterday with a plan to beat the number of steps on my Fitbit daily. Today, I will walk the long hallways before the game begins, which is different from walking on the treadmill.

With all this in mind, I am stopping here a little earlier than usual and will return tomorrow with more. For football fans in the US and outside the US, we hope you have a fun day cheering on your team. We certainly plan to!

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, February 11, 2014:

This tree frog on the rafters on the veranda has been watching us all day, occasionally sticking out her tongue in a feeble attempt to grasp a flying insect. We laughed at how she stayed there, at least during the days we stayed at the African Reunion house for the entire few weeks. For more, please click here.

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