Fun!…Fun!…Fun…Until her daddy took her…Great Super Bowl party…

After considerable research, we believe this is a female House Finch. Note the nesting material in her mouth. She’s well hidden in the similarly colored background.

Remember that song? Gosh, these old songs date us, don’t they? But, no matter how old we become, we’re always able to have fun. And, yesterday, we did.

The Super Bowl party at the Makai Golf Club didn’t disappoint. Tom drank four Mai Tai’s and got relatively sloshed, having not had one of those syrupy sweet, heavy-on-the-rum drinks in over 40 years. I held down the fort.

Most of the participants were in our age group.

Seated at our reserved table with two friendly women, after we’d offered to share the two remaining seats proved to only add to the festive atmosphere in the outdoor dining area of the club, The Makai Grill.

The $30 per person fee included one tropical drink and dinner, a well-done taco buffet. With tasty chunks of grilled steak, chicken, and all the sides including some fabulous guacamole, as it turned out, I was able to pile my plate high with the beef, salsa, cheese and guac. 

Tom had an excellent time at the event.

Tom, (a different Tom), the club manager, assured me that the items I chose were all-grain, sugar and starch free when he was the official chef for the event. 

The other Tom, my Tom, was excited to be able to splurge off our way of eating for a day scarfing up the carbs including the tortilla chips and soft taco shells. Of course, adding the massive amount of sugar in those drinks, he was high just from the sugar, let alone the alcohol.

The Makai Grill is located next to the tennis courts at the golf club.

As I’ve often mentioned, I don’t drink alcohol. However, I’d brought along my two mugs of iced tea which they didn’t mind a bit, giving Tom my included cocktail. Good thing I’d done so since they had no ice tea, only plain bottled water. Honestly, it’s too boring for me to drink plain water at social occasions.

Another view of the group of football fans at the Makai Grill.

The company at our table, Kathy and Carol, couldn’t have been more fun. Of course, the conversation was limited at times when we all wanted to watch the commercials, the half time shows, and of course, parts of the game. In any case, it all was a great time.

Returning home before 6:00 pm, I changed into warmer clothes and we ventured across the road to whale watch as do many people in the area. It’s the most perfect spot in Princeville to gaze at the sea without climbing on cliffs and then sitting in the sand. 

Later, back home, we caught a glimpse of the rising moon.

With multiple stone benches, it’s easy to sit back and relax while peeking at the sunset to our left and the roaring sea in front of us. We usually spot a few blow holes but last night, the pickings were slim. 

Instead, we chatted with others, both travelers and locals, who’ve also found this spot to provide the best leisure time activity in Princeville. We certainly agree.

Sunset on a cloudy evening.

As darkness fell, we headed home. Tom, still reeling from his drinks, didn’t feel up to watching a movie on my laptop, so I watched “Dawn of Planets of the Apes,” enjoying every moment. 

We sat next to one another on the sofa each wrapped up in our own form of entertainment, his Facebook and and mine, the movie, and a snack of raw nuts.

Hawaiian plants often have pods, many of which are difficult to identify.  We captured these pods in the park gardens when we were across the street overlooking the ocean.

Today, with clouds looming, we’re hanging tight to see what we’d like to do. It may prove to be “nothing.” Or, it may be a drive to find more unbelievable scenery. We shall see.

Have a great Monday!

                                            Photo from one year ago today, February 2, 2014:

After moving to Khaya Umdani, we were happy to see how many visitors came to call. For more photos and details from that date, please click here.