What a fun day!…We loved Super Bowl Sunday…

Sunset in Kauai, Hawaii in 2015

It was a fantastic day for us. We had so much fun watching the news leading up to the game, the game itself, and the after-game events.

We were cheering for different teams: me, the Kansas City Chiefs, and Tom for the San Francisco 49ers. It was unusual for us to choose to be on opposite sides, but in this case, it was enjoyable. What an exciting finish to the game! It was a great day.

During halftime, we had dinner, during which I had my eyes on the screen. On the other hand, Tom was less interested in the show with Usher and others. The show was well done, but I have never followed Usher’s career or music. I enjoyed many other halftime shows more when I became familiar with the performers’ music.

Over the years, I have paid attention to current music and am familiar with many performers and their music. I like current pop music and oldies from the 70s, 80s, 90s. Last week, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Grammy Awards, but Tom didn’t have a clue about who was who.

When he watches auto auctions on a rare occasion, I don’t know the types of cars, years, and values. The only time he gets into the music is when we sit on the veranda in Marloth Park, having sundowners and playing music on our portable JBL Bluetooth speaker.

Last night, we enjoyed our flat-iron steak and stir-fried vegetable dinner topped with peanuts and broccoli salad on the side. I got everything cooked and ready to go just before the game started so I wouldn’t miss any of the game. It all worked out well. We reheated it before we ate. We have enough leftovers for tonight and tomorrow night, and then, as mentioned, we’ll head out to dinner on Wednesday, Valentine’s Day.

We have plenty of food left in the freezer to get us through to Friday, when our next Smith’s grocery order will be delivered, and we’ll start over again. It is handy to shop online and have our food delivered. Sometimes, the picker forgets to select a few items, but we place another order for the missing items the next day. As long as the order costs $35, there’s no additional delivery fee. In most cases, what they’ve forgotten is meat, chicken, or fish, and most often, that alone is enough to total the $35.

If it is short of the $35, I can always add a few items from the list for the following order. It always works out well. We never call and complain if our order is short unless we’ve been charged for the item(s). That’s why I carefully review the receipt each time.

Today, as yesterday, I am doing a lot of walking in the corridors and will continue to do so now that I am feeling better. With only three more days on the antibiotics, I am looking forward to being done with them entirely, which will help me further along in feeling better.

Today is a quiet day with no big plans facing us. We’re feeling well; both are cheerful, enjoying the moment and hopeful.

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, February 12, 2014:

Shaded by dense vegetation and the early morning sun hidden behind the trees, we couldn’t get closer for better shots. Plus, giraffes are so tall that one can’t get too close to get a good photo. For more photos, please click here.

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