Immigration status resolved…We’re flying out of the country…Check out our year ago photo!!!

This mom and her calf are our neighbors in this gated community of Roco Verde.

 “Sightings from the Veranda in Costa Rica”

Great Kiskadees visit each day.

We knew we’d have an immigration issue to resolve once we’d decided to stay in Costa Rica until we fly to Miami where we’ll spend one night to then board a 30-night cruise to South America on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2017. 

Costa Rica allows US citizens 90 days in their country.  The best solution for us based on the strict requirements for a visa extension, leaving the country and coming back in seemed like the best solution.  However, we’d research other options while in the country.

Thus, we had to decide which country we’d visit for two nights staying in a hotel not too far from the airport and yet in a good location to ensure we’d take advantage of the situation and have a great time.

Rooster in the neighborhood with several hens and chicks.

With October 31st, our five year anniversary of traveling the world on the horizon this short two-night “get-away” could easily be considered an opportunity to celebrate this special date.  This won’t be the first time we booked a few nights away for our annual event.

When we flew from Nevada to Costa Rica on August 1st, immigration requires we have an exiting flight within the 90 day period.  At that time, we picked a “cheap” flight on the 89th day to Managua, Nicaragua never certain we’d actually use it if we found other immigration options where we’d be able to extend the 90 days.

After considerable research, our best option was to use that flight we’d already booked to Managua, book a two-night stay in a hotel in Managua and a return back to Atenas.

Last Saturday, there was a carnival at Supermercado Coopeatenas.

In addition, it was time to book the flight to Miami on November 22nd.  With all that’s tragically transpired in Florida this past week, it could be difficult, if not impossible to book a flight to Miami the day before Thanksgiving.

We got to work.  We research all our options using the links for Expedia and on our site at the same time on each of our computers.  We often find varying prices for flights and hotels when each of us is researching using our own laptops, based on cookies that may have been set on earlier searches.  (Sometimes it pays to delete the cookies and other times it does not).

Here’s what we found and subsequently booked (includes fares for both of us):

October 28, 2017 – US $128.70 (CRC 74,358) – Flight (nonstop) from San Jose Costa Rica to Managua Nicaragua
October 28, 2017 – US $199.84 (CRC 115,460) – Hotel – (Two nights including complimentary breakfast)) – Real Intercontinental Hotel Managua at MetroCenter Mall
October 30, 2017 – US $179.42 (CRC 103,662) Flight (nonstop) from Managua Nicaragua to San Jose Costa Rica
November 22, 2017 – US $246.42 (CRC 142,372) – Flight (nonstop) from San Jose Costa Rica to Miami Florida (We’d already booked the hotel in Miami for one-night some time ago).

Adults and kids were having a good time at the carnival.

We’re thrilled with the hotel and its pricing for this five-star property in Managua and also the fact its located in a popular upscale mall.  Undoubtedly, there will be plenty of great restaurants and enough to see over the two-night stay. 

We are equally pleased with the pricing on the flight to Miami in November, especially based on the Thanksgiving holiday weekend which often results in pumped up airline pricing. 

Sure, meeting the immigration requirement of leaving Costa Rica will cost us at total of US $507.96 (CRC 293,479) plus meals and taxis estimated at another US $200 (CRC 115,552) but we’re fine with this.  It was better than the alternative and also provides us with a mini vacation for our five-year anniversary in yet another country.

Baskets of food were being raffled for charity.

If we hadn’t extended our stay in Costa Rica to accommodate the upcoming 30-night cruise on November 23rd, we’d have had to spend 25 extra days in Florida which would have cost us a lot more than we’re paying for this outstanding villa and the two flights and hotel in Nicaragua. 

Today, a very cloudy and overcast day, we’re staying in, making a great dinner with enough for three nights while we’ll continue to research future plans.  The hummingbirds are going nuts over the sugar water and we’re as content as we could be.

May your day bring you contentment as well.


Photo from one year ago today, September 14, 2016:

Big Buffalo was not happy to see Tom once again, coming out of the water to show his displeasure. ( He’d quickly came out of the water when he saw Tom standing up by the cabana at our villa).  As soon as Tom sat back down, he backed up into the water and sat back down.  This occurred several times.  We have more photos here!

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