Food aboard the ship….Being “real”…

Each night my meals consist of salmon or chicken breast with prawns and a side of spinach and mashed cauliflower. This cruise, I’ve avoided salads and beef.

OK, dear readers, bear with me for a little whinging (complaining). We’ve always stated we’ll “tell it like it is,” although, at times, we may postpone our whining for a day or two while we await what hopefully proves to be a good outcome to further share with our readers.

It’s one thing to moan and groan which may become more tolerable to the reader when a resolution has been implemented to defray the negative chatter. But, ah, living in the world is beyond our expectations, but it can be a huge struggle when one isn’t feeling well.

While recovering from this dreadful gastrointestinal bacterial infection lasting 15 months, on top of the back injury in Bali last June, it’s been one tough past year. The back injury healed totally by November, but without mention here of the raging intestinal infection until this past month, I feel as if I haven’t been “telling it like it is” as much as we might have intended.

Even Tom has been extra careful during this cruise, eating less bread, starch, and sugar. Here’s his Chateaubriand with asparagus and potato.

Why we kept it under wraps was more due to its vague nature than admitting to my vulnerability. When it finally reached its full-blown level with medical care required, we didn’t hesitate to post it here.

Now totally done with the two-week course of powerful doses of two antibiotics, I’d hope there would be no more to say on the topic. But, life isn’t always what and how we’d like it to be. I still have to watch what and how much I eat and drink while I’ve been dealing with the worst sore throat of my life for the past week, a side effect of the medication.

None of this has kept me down. On the contrary, we’ve continued to thoroughly enjoy ourselves, taking advantage of every moment aboard the ship with little time spent in our cabin except for a few short rests we’ve allowed ourselves on occasion.

Last night, I was served two almond flour cakes, a bigger portion than I needed, but it was impossible to resist when I hadn’t had a suitable dessert in so long I couldn’t remember. They were both delicious, although those on “regular” diets may not have thought so. Also, I’ve been drinking a half glass of red wine each night which has been proven to aid in killing off residual Helicobactor Pylori bacteria, as shown in this study. (Please check with your doctor for appropriate treatment if you have this infection or others).

Today, for the first day in a week, my throat feels a little better, and yet I’m still not my usual self. Thus, while aboard ship, I preferred to keep my meals simple, easy to digest, and of course, easy to swallow. 

As a result, I asked the restaurant manager to have the chef make the same meal for me each night, only alternating chicken and salmon as the main entree items, including a few prawns, spinach, and mashed cauliflower, all easy to digest and swallow. This would ensure I was getting adequate protein and other nutrients.

With the restrictive diet I’ve followed for the past five and a half years, I’ve been able to avoid constant pain from the spinal condition that I’ve had for almost 30 years. This has enabled us to travel the world. There’s no way I’ll ever stray from that plan. Unfortunately, however, some of us fall prey to other conditions layering one condition over another from time to time. It’s the way it is.  No one is exempt.

Tom’s chocolate mousse dessert.

A huge aspect to our intent in sharing our site, now almost five years in the making (our fifth anniversary of posting is next week), has been to avoid glamorizing this life and to be “real.” “Real” is not always pretty. “Real” is not always fun and playful. “Real” doesn’t always result in interesting reading for our much-appreciated world audience.

Today, we’re in Lautoka, Fiji. Neither of us desires to exit the ship for the endless touristy-type shops along the way. So instead, we’re content to stay onboard, mingle with our newly made friends and continue to read and relax.

That’s as “real’ as it gets aboard a ship. Happy day to all!

Photo from one year ago today, March 8, 2016:

While driving along the coast in New Zealand, we often attempted to take photos of these sun-drenched scenes of the waning sun peeking through dense clouds. For more photos, please click here.

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