Final expenses for 31-nights in a hotel in Buenos Aires…We’re off to Ushuaia!…

Due to the poor signal in this crowded Wi-Fi cafe in Ushuaia, we’re unable to upload any photos.  As mentioned in earlier posts, we’ll continue to make every effort to maintain our usual style of posts.  Please excuse any typos and formatting issues.
Yesterday was quite a busy day and today won’t be much different. By the time you see this post, we’ll be at the airport getting ready to leave Buenos Aires to fly on a chartered plane to Ushuaia, Argentina, where we’ll board Ponant’s Le Soleal to begin our expedition to Antarctica.

We’ve been excited about this for a very long time.  The situation with my knee put a bit of a damper on our enthusiasm but now that I am on meds to hopefully alleviate the discomfort, we’ll be able to settle in on the cruise and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Getting out the door in the middle of the night wouldn’t be my preference.  For Tom, after 42.5 years on the railroad, he was used to getting up and out the door at all hours of the day and night.  But, now after retirement, even he cringed at the early hour.

Today, we wanted to share two important aspects of the 31-nights we spent in Palermo Soho Buenos Aires, Argentina; one, the reasonable expenses we incurred staying in the Prodeo Hotel, a fine boutique hotel and two, a short review of the hotel itself.

First, let’s start with the expenses we incurred in total for the 31-night stay in the Prodeo as shown beloW: (Due to a poor Wi-Fi signal, we’re experiencing formatting issues):

 Expense   US Dollar   Argentine Pesos 
 Hotel – 31 nights $                  2,480.00 47,076.69
Flight – Round trip- inc
in cruise
                  –               –
 Taxi   $                       65.31 1,239.75
 Groceries & Dining
out- inc tips 
 $                     987.87                     18.752.28
 Laundry  $                        56.00 1,063.02
 Tips for hotel staff   $                     158.05 3,000.19
 Pharmacy & Misc.   $                     477.52 7,157.48
 Total   $                  4,224.75 59,537.13
 Avg Daily Cost    $                     136.28 1,920.55

We’re thrilled to have spent this amount while staying in a hotel and dining out every night, the exception when we purchased groceries for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day when most restaurants were closed or only offered outrageous prices on fixed price meals, not suitable for our budget or, my dietary restrictions.

Compared to the cost for groceries, rental cars and vacation/holiday homes, this was surely a bargain.  And we imagine, that a traveler desiring a month in this fascinating country could even do better with proper planning and careful spending.

Would we return to Buenos Aires in the future?  Possibly, with our plans to return to South America in the distant future for some specific sites we’d like to visit such as Machu Picchu, the Galapagos and the Pantanal. 

A contributing factor to our enjoyment in the area has been the quaint and charming Prodeo Hotel, a contemporary boutique hotel, architecturally interesting in a fantastic location, staffed by some of the finest people in the land.  We generously tipped all of the staff members who made this stay memorable.

During this less-than-busy summer season in Buenos Aires, there were many days we were the only hotel guests.  However, whether it was a full house or we were the only guests, we were always treated with the utmost of kindness, generosity and attention.

As shown in the above expenses, we booked the hotel through a corporate rate at US $80 (ARS 1,532) a night, a reasonable rate for this busy city with many other hotels twice as much of more.  No doubt, our long stay helped us with pricing but the competitive nature of boutique hotels does allow for some special pricing from time to time.  It never hurts to ask.

Any issues while we were here?  The power went out four times when the city was having problems.  Our bathroom sink wouldn’t drain but with a few hours of bringing it to the attention of staff, it was repaired. 

Housekeeping was inconsistent at times but our room was always clean and well-kept.  The complimentary breakfast was repetitive, most of which we don’t eat (fruit, granola, cakes, bread, etc.) we appreciated the daily sliced ham, cheese and hard boiled eggs.  Tom enjoyed the coffee while I sipped on my turmeric tea concoction each morning. 

The atmosphere is pleasing, comfortable and inviting.  The bar has many types of beverages from fine wines to eclectic beer and serves some traditional Argentine empanada and other types of local food (none of which I could eat).  We never dined in the bar/dining room but enjoyed drinks from time to time.

The intimate hospitality by far surpasses that one may find in a large hotel and we’ve found we particularly have found smaller hotels tend to suit our needs.
We highly recommend Prodeo Hotel for you next visit to Palermo, Buenos Aires.

Moving right along, we’re currently sitting at a tiny table at a tiny little bar with Wi-Fo in Ushuaia.  We did fine getting up at 2:30 am and getting out the door in time for our 3:15 taxi to the airport.  Check in was a bit challenging and time consuming but, the flight on Aerolineas, an Argentine airline was seamless.

We both watched a free movie, Hacksaw Ridge, a stunning movie on our individual monitors during the flight while the 3.5 hours passed quickly. Once we collected our bags we were off to the bus with our Ponant group of passengers.

After a ride through the gorgeous town of Ushuaia, recognized as the most southerly city in the world or “the bottom of the world,” we headed to a local Accor Hotel for a magnificent buffet lunch with many foods I could have.

At our assigned table of English speaking passengers, we met two fun couples and had a taste of the lively conversation yet to come with our cruise mates, most of whom are serious world travelers.  Not, necessarily like us, but world traveled, none the less.

We’ll be back with more as Wi-Fi allows, hoping to be able to stay in touch with all of you!

Take care until then!


Photo from one year ago today, January 23, 2017:

Andrew and Ian Smith, father, and son and innovative owners/managers of Willie Smith Organic Apple Cider and Apple Shed, including restaurant, cider shop and museum. (Not our photo).  For more photos of this popular landmark in Tasmania, please click here.

Comments and responses Final expenses for 31-nights in a hotel in Buenos Aires…We’re off to Ushuaia!…

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Enjoy Antarctica ! ! !

    Don't worry about upload speeds or connectivity as we'll all be here waiting with bated breath for the next chronicle of your adventures. Stay warm, get that knee better and. . . stay warm . . .

    The, "From One Year Ago Photo" of Andrew and Ian Smith is fantastic. Norman Rockwell would be proud ! ! !


  2. Jessica Reply

    Thanks Gary and Judy!
    Wish we could take credit for that photo of the Smiths but we borrowed it from their website. It us a wonderful company and we enjoyed writing our story and sharing it. Check out today's post from Antarctica, finally with photos.
    Love to you both,
    Jess & Tom

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