Day 5…Greenland Cruise…Another sea day…Time changes…

The sunset out to sea last night. Tom took this photo using his phone. Excellent, minus the post.

Yesterday, I was tired after many late nights. Last night, we headed to our cabin by 11:00 pm, and shortly after, I was sound asleep and slept through the night. I broke my Fitbit when we were in Norway, dropping it on the ground and breaking the face. It still works for most features, except it doesn’t record sleep correctly, so I have no idea how I am doing sleep-wise.

With the Costco shop card we earned from the last cruise, I will purchase one online at Costco when I have a strong enough signal to do so. The WiFi is good on this ship but not necessarily enough for shopping. Then, I’ll send it to our mailing service in Nevada, where we will be in ten days.

There’s a greater variety of shops on this ship than on the smaller Azamara ship a week ago.

Since we rented a car there, after all, getting a much better price last minute than what we’d found months ago, we’ll head to our mailing service a few days after we arrive and pick up the Fitbit and a few other items awaiting us. The last time we visited Henderson, we didn’t rent a car, and it worked out using Uber, but this time with several tasks to accomplish while there, including renewing our driver’s licenses, having a car will be easier.

Gosh, we’re looking forward to seeing family members when we arrive in the US while we enjoy every day and night on this delightful cruise. It couldn’t be more fun! Again, last night was entertaining. We sat at a shared table with two other couples, one couple from California and the other from England. The conversation was hilarious and enjoyable.

I didn’t see anything I had to have.

After the later dinner, we headed to the Rendezvous Lounge, sat at the bar, and enjoyed the live band until we finally drifted off to bed. When my head hit the pillow, I was asleep and didn’t awaken until around 6:00 am. We’re experiencing a few time changes as we move closer to Greenland. By the time we get to Boston on August 30, we’ll be caught up except for three hours between Boston and Las Vegas.

I like Lancome cosmetics, but they don’t carry the items I may use.

We easily adapt to multiple time changes as we travel the world, especially so when cruising, which is only about one hour a day. Those slow changes make it unnoticeable for us once we change the time on laptops and phones, and of course, the Fitbit is a little trickier to change the time while traveling.

Today is another sea day. At some point, I’ll need to go to the shops aboard the ship and spend our remaining cabin credit of $284. The shops are only open when we are out to sea, on sea days such as today, and at night when we’re on the move once again. We’re so busy socializing at night that I don’t feel like spending time in the shops.

On the last ship, I used our excess cabin credit to purchase a small handbag appropriate for taking to dinner.

Also, over the years, I’ve lost interest in shopping. On cruise ships, prices are so high it’s challenging to find something to buy that doesn’t make me cringe over the ridiculously high price. But, at this point, as we get closer to the cruise end, the supply of products begins to diminish, and yet prices stay the same.

We don’t have any big plans today. We’ll likely play trivia and continue socializing with many wonderful ship passengers. We’ve become friends with couples of all ages and lifestyles, making conversations lively and animated. Tonight, we’ll dine late again, as we did last night, since at noon we’ll go to lunch and have a bite to eat. I’m still doing only lunch and dinner, but the later dinner hour is better after a good-sized lunch.

They carried some fitness watches but not the Fitbit brand that I like. Instead they carried Apple iPhone enabled, which didn’t appeal to me, although they work with Android phones like ours.

In a few minutes, I will walk through the shops to take the photos we’ve shared here today and see what I can buy with our cabin credit.

Tomorrow, we will be in Greenland and sharing photos from our outing.

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, August 22, 2013:

There was no post ten years ago on this date due to the internet being down.

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  1. Lisa Smith-Inman Reply

    Hi Jess! Not sure how open you are to a different fitness watch, but I have a recommendation for you if you wanted to check it out. I have a Garmin forerunner 265 but many less expensive Garmin models offer some similar features. The best features on the Garmin, in my opinion, are – HRV (daily & also 4 week average), high or low HR alarms (if you choose this setting), Body Battery (love this feature), stress levels, training readiness score, & of course all the standards – hr, sleep, O2 sats, steps, breaths, etc. In the past, I’ve used fitbit, Samsung smart watch, and then my first garmin was a Venue SQ 2 & I loved it! Staying with Garmin & Highly recommend! If you have a chance, check out some videos or articles that compare the fitbit & garmin and see what you think.

    Hugs & warm thoughts,


    • worldwide-admin Post authorReply

      Thanks, Lisa! I will see what I can find online and order it right away. WiFi slow here right now.
      Thanks for the information. Hope you are feeling better.

      Much love,
      Jess & Tom

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