Day #115 in lockdown Mumbai, India hotel…Is the “head in the sand” premise the best response during these times?…

These are the locked iron gates closing off easy access to the church across from our 300-year-old stone villa in Boveglio, Italy in 2013.

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Today’s photos are from July 16, 2014, while in Boveglio, Tuscany, Italy. See the link here for more details.
This unattached separate building on the church grounds may have been the original church on the grounds based on the inscription near the entryway.

We shake our own heads in wonder as to why we’re holding up so well emotionally. Is it a concerted daily effort or is it a by-product of our long-term goal of attempting to remain upbeat and positive since the onset of our travels, during even the toughest of times?

A part of the entrance to the larger church.

For me, being in lockdown in this hotel room in India is a piece of cake compared to having emergency open-heart surgery in February 2019 and the horrific long recovery with complications. 

This gate was locked preventing us from getting inside the church.

So what, if we can’t go outside. So what, if we mostly eat the same meals over and over again. So what, if we hand wash all of our clothing which on occasion, smells moldy when dry due to the air-con in the room and how long they take to dry. So what, if we have no social interactions outside of this room. So what, if we don’t have the freedom to leave to a more appealing environment.

Overlooking the iron railing around the cemetery.

Are our “heads in the sand,” in denial of what may prove to be a year-long-hotel-room-confinement in Mumbai India? We stayed in a self-imposed lockdown for a few weeks, even before the official lockdown began in India on March 24th, the day we moved into this hotel.

Another view of the cemetery from the iron railing. A gate was also locked to the main entrance but we were able to enter through an unlocked side gate.

In total, we’ve been in lockdown since March 12th, the day we discovered our planned upcoming cruise scheduled for April 3rd, from Mumbai to Greenwich, UK, was canceled when we chose to end our 55-day private tour of India with three more weeks remaining until completion. This results in a total of 137 days since we’ve been confined. So what?

These steps were much steeper than they appear here, more so than many of the steps on the walk to Bar Ferrari in our neighborhood. We found an unlocked gate allowing us to enter at the bottom of these steps.

Maybe we do have our heads in the sand. So what? It’s helping us get through. But, most of all, the fact that we are safe and unlikely to contract COVID-19 makes this confinement all the more tolerable.

These were the first gravesites we spotted as we entered the cemetery.

Sure, it would be great to be able to have a glass of wine or cocktail now and then. Sure, it would be great to have social interactions, shop at a grocery store, cook a meal, use a washing machine, hang up clothes on an outdoor clothesline, or feed visiting wildlife at the edge of a veranda. Sure, it would all be nice.

Tom, obsessed, was fascinated with the stories revealed by the many headstones, names, dates, and photos.

Hopefully, someday in the future, all of this will transpire. But, at the growing rate of infection in many countries that we’d consider visiting, we patiently remain in a state of limbo, not with our heads-in-the-sand, but instead, a safe state of acceptance and reverence for this awful disease, that we avoid at all costs.

Some of the headstones were quite impressive, both old and new.

There’s no easy answer. We walk with vigor. We talk with vigor. We laugh with vigor, especially on those mornings when Tom asks as he did today, “What’s on the agenda for today?”

And, I answer, “Guess what? We get to “order room service twice!” We get to “go to the movies!” We don’t have to clean, make the bed, do dishes, or sweep the floor! We get to go for a walk several times!

But, most of all, one more time, we get to write to all of you!


Photo from one year ago today, July 16, 2019:

This is the over-the-top Kylemore Abbey, a former home, castle and grounds of a wealthy family in the 1800s. We visited this site, taking photos, while in Connemara, Ireland, one year ago. Please click here for more photos.

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