Back into the groove..Visiting the holiday home we rented years ago…

Danie had renovated the pool and braai area at the Hornbill house where we lived for almost two months in 2013/2014 during our first visit to Marloth Park.  To rent this property when Rita and Gerhard are done, contact Louise here.

“Sighting of the Day in the Bush”

A woman in Komatipoort carrying paper products on her head for possible recycling

Gosh, the adventures keep coming and coming. It’s ironic how we never run out of anything to share with our worldwide readers each day. This morning I started preparing today’s post, but we decided to stop what we were doing and head out to the Crocodile River to see if anything was happening.

This is the veranda where we spent many hours watching wildlife so long ago.

Throughout each day, we check the various Marloth Park Sighting pages on Facebook to see if anyone has posted comments and/or photos of any events occurring on the river that can be seen from Marloth Park.

New friends, Rita and Gerhard, readers of our site, are now renting the Hornbill house, also have a resident frog.

When nothing was posted this morning, we decided to take our chances, and off we went. Wow!!! We can’t wait to share the photos we took today of the magic presented to us, and other fortunate visitors of scenes one can hardly imagine are possible in this life. Please check back tomorrow for the photos.

This is the corner where the Mozambique Spitting Cobra moved to while we waited for help.  See this post here for details.

Since I’d already started today’s post and uploaded these photos, I decided to proceed with today’s topic and photos and leave this morning’s sightings for tomorrow. So please bear with us.

The living room and sliding doors with security gates on the windows and doors.

Today we’ve included a few photos of the holiday home on Hornbill we’d rented five years ago when we were in Marloth Park for the first time. A few weeks ago, we were excited to hear that our readers and now new friends Rita and Gerhard came to Marloth Park, met Louise, and booked that particular house based on what we’d written in our posts in 2013 and 2014.

Ostriches in the neighborhood.

As has been the case in the past, periodically, we have an opportunity to meet some of our readers. What an indescribable joy this is! When we meet, they already know us from reading our posts, and we look forward to getting to know them.

Ostriches and warthog were hanging out.

Such is the case with Rita and Gerhard. We’ve already been to each other’s holiday homes in Marloth, and tonight they’re joining us at Jabula for dinner. They plan to be in Marloth for three months, so we’re certain we’ll spend more time with them in the future.

This bird in our birdfeeder appears to be a lesser-masked weaver.

It felt odd to see the Hornbill house again. We have many wonderful memories of the time we spent in that house.  If you’d like to see our photos from that period, please see our archives on the right side of the home page from December 2, 2013, and continuing from there for three months, part of which we spent on two other properties of Louise and Danie‘s.

Sunset in Kruger.

Tom had the biggest scare of his life in that property when the Mozambique Spitting Cobra dropped from the ceiling of the veranda to within centimeters of his feet.  

Mom and offspring cuddling during a nap in our garden.  Note the oxpecker on mom’s head.

He had quite a scare while I ambitiously attempted to take photos, my hands shaking with excitement.  Little did I know the type of snake it was as I bent down to take photos. That was dangerous and foolish!  Lesson learned.

Kudus visit for pellets on the veranda.  This prevents the helmeted guineafowl from eating all the pellets.

The remainder of today’s photos are shots we’d yet to share taken over several days. For now, we’re wrapping it up and look forward to returning tomorrow with our exciting new photos.

Have a spectacular day and evening

Photo from one year ago today, November 3, 2017:

It’s hard to believe we had our required physicals for the Antarctica cruise one year ago.  Please click here for details.

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