A walk in the hilly neighborhood…

Vegetables for sale in a front garden.  We selected a zucchini and a small pumpkin.

Fascinating Fact of the Day About Falmouth:

   “Falmouth was
originally known as Smithwick, home to the Killigrew family at Arwenack Manor.
In 1613 John Killigrew began to build houses around the harbor, despite
opposition from the ancient towns of Helston, Penryn and Truro and a new town
began to immerge, split into two hamlets called Smithicke and Pennycomequick.
Finally, in 1660, King Charles II decreed that they should be known as Falmouth.”

As of three days ago, I am officially “off” the heart medication Bisoprolol which had caused me serious side effects including difficulty breathing, difficulty walking, extreme exhaustion and a constant feeling of general malaise.
This is the sign for the produce garden products.  We dropped the appropriate coins in the letterbox after we’d selected a few vegetables.
The side effects of the withdrawal of the medication may include dangerously high heart rate, excessively high blood pressure, breathing problems and serious palpitations.  

During this gradual withdrawal process I experienced infrequent episodes of all of the above but for short periods only, no more than a few minutes at most.  Knowing the possible withdrawal symptoms, I stayed calm and made my way through it all.
Plant prices were marked and offered for sale in the homeowner’s front garden.
Within minutes, my readings would return to normal.  Once I was down to ¼ of the original dose, these side effects dissipated completely.  I stayed on that dose for another week and three days ago I stopped completely.

I hadn’t planned to reduce the dose while on the cruise but since the process seemed to be going well, I continued on, checking my pulse and blood pressure a few times each day which were normal except for one night early on.  As I patiently continued, those ill effects have ceased.
This sign is located in the garden by the plants for sale.
This drug among others I recently stopped may remain in one’s cells for many months still serving up side effects.  I’m hoping I will make it through the upcoming months without incident and be free of these toxic drugs.

(If you are prescribed any of these mentioned drugs, please see your physician for changing of stopping your medication.  Some patients must be hospitalized during the weaning process when doing so may cause a heart attack. Proceed with caution.  We are not offering any medical advice nor are we qualified to do so).
A Black Rose Aeonium.
The literature included with this last drug stated three days after gradual withdrawal, the incidence of side effects may begin to lessen.  I started noticing a dramatic improvement yesterday on day 2.

As a matter of fact, for the first time since the surgery on February 12, 2019, Tom and I went for a walk in the neighborhood, taking the photos included here yesterday and today (post found here).

No, during the 30-minute walk, I wasn’t totally free of pain in my legs but I did considerably better than I’d done while on tour in St. Petersburg.  The hills are steep in most of Falmouth based on the terracing of homes for the outstanding ocean views.  Walking on the local streets is a challenge for most people, let alone me in my weakened condition.  
Fuzzy burgundy blossom spotted on the walk.  Any ideas what this many be?
It’s not so much that I run out of breath when walking but more so having to deal with the fierce pain in my legs.  Now, as I continue to progress we’ll walk more and more taking advantage of those hills to aid in my recovery.  I only push me as far as I can go, stopping frequently as needed.  

Today, we’ll stay in on a rainy day.  There’s no point in risking a fall on the cobblestone streets in the rain.  Instead, I’m busy around the house, organizing and repacking my messy suitcase.  We leave here in nine days for the next location but fortunately, we’ll be driving, not flying.
We made a reservation for the “Sunday Roast” which we’d had at a restaurant while in South Kensington, London in 2014 at the Andover Arms.  Here’s the link from that date.   Fantastic meal.  Hope to be so once again.  Check back on Monday for details.
With the towel situation resolved and a bottle of Prosecco for our inconvenience delivered by a wonderful neighbor, Sheena, we’re willing to provide a good review if everything continues as it appears from here on.  

We’re loving the beautiful location and the house is fulfilling our needs with good Wi-Fi, constant electricity, running water and a very comfortable bed.  The fridge is tiny but we’ve adapted and every three days we shop for perishables.

Have a pleasant day and evening.

Photo from one year ago today, August 28, 2018:
We visited the Railway Museum in Livingstone, Zambia.  Here is a steam engine, reminding us of “Thomas” trains, appropriately named, built-in 1919.  For more photos, please click here.

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