Staggering beauty in the seaside country…

Ruins at the shoreline at an overlook.

Fascinating Fact of the Day About Falmouth

It was following the development of the docks in 1858 and the introduction of railway services in 1863 that the town began to thrive as tourism and business prospered.”

Today, our photos are a bit hazy due to a cloudy overcast day which is not uncommon in England. Sunshine is a hot commodity here in the UK, even during the summer months.

Sailboats in the harbor.

The expectation of sunny days is foolhardy, and planning outdoor activities for the future is risky, often resulting in disappointment. This weather is not unlike the temperature in Ireland which we left a mere three weeks ago when we flew to Amsterdam to embark on the Baltic cruise.

As is the case in Ireland, there appear to be more cloudy days than sunny.  As a result, we do our best to take bright day photos.  However, we don’t allow the sun to dictate when we venture out or not.  As long as it’s not pouring rain, we’ll head out.
Young men were sitting on rocks overlooking the bay.

Nonetheless, we’ve had opportunities to see some beautiful areas on sunny days or not. Also, what starts as a sunny day can become overcast in minutes.

We’re enjoying our time here. The house is comfortable, and the views are beyond description. At times, we’ve found ourselves on the veranda at night in the dark, staring at the boats in the harbor and the stars in the sky  when its clear. 
Cloudy day views across the bay.

There’s always something magical about being near water, whether its overlooking a pond, a lake, a river, a stream or the vast expanse of the ocean.  Our eyes are drawn to its ethereal qualities, leaving us mesmerized and enchanted.

Yesterday afternoon I spent over an hour on a Skype call (using our Skype phone number, not Skype video chat) with my dear friend Karen in Minnesota. I took my phone upstairs to the bedroom to talk to her for a little “girl time.”  

Houses and boats across the harbor.

Like Tom, who doesn’t have an opportunity to interact with his old friends, except visa Facebook quips here and there, occasionally I long for some of the candid chatter women are so good at.  

It truly was therapeutic talking to my friend Karen when I spoke to other girlfriends I left behind. This is not intended to imply men aren’t capable of this kind of talk but many women seem to gravitate to one another for intimate conversations. It is a by-product of this lifestyle we chose almost seven years ago.

Lighthouse at a distance on a cloudy day.

Now, with eight days remaining in Falmouth, we find ourselves savoring every moment. Many times during the day as well, we run out to the veranda to gaze at a passing sailboat, a flock of birds, a special boat in the bay, and of course, the cruise ships as they come into the port. It’s truly remarkable!

We’ll be back with more photos tomorrow after we venture out for a while on this sunny day (so far).

The shoreline is rugged and uneven in many areas, but sandy beach scenes will be posted tomorrow.

Have a spectacular day!

Photo from one year ago today, August 29, 2018:
Wildebeest Willie hung around for several hours, resting and eating a few pellets from time to time. He makes good eye contact, letting us know exactly what he wants. Do I detect a morsel of love in those looks? Could be.  For more photos, please click here.


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