Yesterday’s fantastic party day…Slim pickins’ in Kruger National Park…

A secretary bird with a “froggy” breakfast, or is that a tiny crocodile? Zoom in to see.

Yesterday morning we got a phone call from Leon inviting us to his last-minute birthday party starting at noon and ending around 5:00 pm, 1700 hrs. We’d already made plans to get together with Louise and Danie for sundowners at our house, their last night here before they left for a family holiday in Cape Town. Plus, we’d already prepped everything for last night’s dinner.

We decided to come but wouldn’t stay to eat the meal when most guests brought food to cook on the braai. We’d leave before the food was served to return home in time to attend to our dinner that needed to cook for a few hours and Louise and Danie’s pending arrival.

Thoughtful warthogs were using the crosswalk to cross the road as we entered the park.

It all worked out well; We had a great time at the party of about 25 people and, of course, back home when Louise and Danie arrived. We invited them to stay for dinner, but they, too, had food ready to be cooked that they needed to use before leaving. Instead, the four of us had drinks while seated at the table on the veranda for the usual lively conversations the four of us so frequently enjoy.

A solitary giraffe gingerly crosses the paved road in Kruger.

After they left, with many hugs and goodbyes for the two weeks they’ll be gone, we parted, unable to wipe the smiles off our faces, and proceeded to finish the details for our planned dinner. With the mozzies out in full force, we shut the doors and ate indoors at the dining room table, enjoying a fabulous dinner consisting of keto bacon-wrapped meatloaf stuffed with hard-boiled eggs, along with salad and rice for Tom.

Not much wildlife to photograph? Take scenery photos.

By the time we finished dinner and Tom did the dishes, it was close to 9:00 pm, 2100 hrs., and we watched a few episodes of the series, “Accused,” before we settled in for what proved to be a good night’s sleep. This morning, with the electrician returning to do more work on the inverter system, Tom bolted out of bed early while I lingered for a few more minutes of sleep.

One can only imagine the age of this rock formation.

We’d discussed heading to Kruger National Park once again, as we had last Monday, and when I got up, we confirmed it would be a good day to go. The weather wasn’t too hot, the humidity wasn’t outrageously high, and the sun was bright with blue skies, a perfect day for photos.

After last week’s photo-taking success in Kruger, our expectations were low. We didn’t expect it to be another day comparable to last Monday. And right, we were. The photo ops were few. But, we were totally entertained with breakfast planned again at the Mugg & Bean in Lower Sabie and plenty of lively conversation during breakfast and on the long drive through the park. We still had a good time despite a few good photo ops.

The first elephant we saw today. More photos will follow in tomorrow’s post.

Tonight, we have great leftovers, which we always enjoy, and have little that we “have to do.” Tom’s contemplating a short nap while I am still busy with today’s post and Kruger photos. It will be an easy remainder of the day and evening which we often enjoy as much as socializing.

Be well.

Photo from one year ago today, February 6, 2022:

Bossy with a different species of oxpecker without the usual orange beak. As it turns out, oxpeckers without the orange beak are youngsters whose beaks will later turn orange. For more photos, please click here.

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