Wow!…Lots of our readers will be here by the end of this month!…Let’s have a party!!!…

Pretty winter flower growing in a tree in our garden.

We had no idea how many of our worldwide readers would vacation in places we’ve been over the years. They often write to us explaining that they’ve rented the same holiday/vacation home we have in the past, but now it’s fascinating that four couples will be here in Marloth Park at the same time by the end of July!

Well, of course, we’ll have a get-together at our place and hopefully at Jabula Lodge and Restaurant. And, of course, we’ll be posting photos of all of us together as soon as those occasions arise. This is, without a doubt, one of the joys of our site…sharing exciting and meaningful experiences with our readers.

Lilly (not Lollie) jumped over the fence for some vegetable scraps.

Yesterday, Tom brought up how we found Marloth Park over ten years ago when we researched where we wanted to go in our world travels, and we both laughed out loud. Many have asked us how we found Marloth Park, and we always giggle when Tom tells the story.

He says, “One day while we were still in Minnesota in 2012, I came from work to have Jess show me a photo she’d found online while researching. It was on our third post on March 16, 2012, found here, with the photo as shown below:

I wrote in the caption on that date, “Warthog in the kitchen doing “crumb patrol.”

When Tom saw this photo, he said, “I don’t want to go anywhere that they let pigs in the house.”

Since I had dreamed of going to Africa since I was a kid, but even more so after watching a TV show from the 60s entitled Marlin Perkins, Mutual of Omaha’s TV series called “The Wild Kingdom” that ran for 18 seasons, I was convinced that Africa had to be in my future.

It took me 65 years to get here. And yes, we’ve had a warthog in the house, specifically “Little,” whom we hope to see again someday soon.

Spikey was enjoying cabbage leaves.

As for that above photo, Louise had posted the photo on one of her holiday home rentals listings online, and when I was researching places to stay in Africa, with abundant wildlife near the house, voila! Marloth Park popped up. Louise, Tom, and I still laugh about this photo and how this photo impacted our lives.

From reading our site, others enjoy experiencing this blissful place, which makes us so happy to know. Even one of the couples, Carrie and Jim, that found Marloth Park from our site, recently purchased a home here. They are one of the four couples who will be here to celebrate with us, Rita and Gerhard, who also found us from our site, and two other couples unknown to one another and us.

Spikey is having a fantastic time. Too cute for words.

These joyful experiences inspire us to maintain the diligent commitment of writing a new post each day and perpetually being aware of taking more and more photos. May we have good health and good fortune to continue for years to come.

I can’t help but repeat this, “Thank you, dear readers…for staying with us through our mundane periods, challenges, and repetition in phrases, photos, and ideas. Today’s post is #3598, hopefully with many more to come.

We sit here now with soot from the burning sugar cane from nearby farms flying around our heads. The power will be out, off and on, for about 12 hours today and possibly for days, or weeks to come, causing the WiFi to go out frequently. The horrible toxic stinging caterpillars, Processionary Caterpillars, are in season. (See the photo below). Yesterday, Vusi removed several of them close to us near the veranda. Snakes are still active in the bush during the winter months. Lions are still roaming in the park.

Processionary caterpillars next to the house. The locals refer to them as “Satan.”

And yet, dear readers, we couldn’t be more content. Thank you for traveling on this journey with us.

Photo from one year ago today, July 1, 2021:

Elephants we recently spotted in Kruger National Park. For more photos, please click here.

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