Will I be ready in 18 days?…Clothes and shoes…

Clouds reflecting on a body of water.

“Fascinating Fact of the Day About Ireland” 

“In 2017, Leo Varadkar became
Ireland’s prime minister. Born in 1979, he is Ireland’s youngest prime
minister, the country’s first openly gay leader and the first of Indian

The last few mornings I’ve gone back to sleep after Tom gets up, usually at 6:00 am.  On both days, I didn’t awaken until after 9:00 am which is unusual.  The only justification I can provide in this regard is entirely about an escalation in the healing process.

Fishing for income isn’t uncommon in Ireland even by these smaller boats.

Since the plasters (bandages) came off my legs a few weeks ago, the wound on my left leg has quickly begun to fully heal.  It still looks scary to someone who may not know about my situation.

To draw less attention to myself on the upcoming cruise I’ll only be wearing long pants.  Once the wound is less obvious and just a scar, I’ll be willing to wear Capri length pants.  The former hematoma on my right thigh continues to be painful but also appears to be improving but, it will leave a nasty scar from the top of my thigh to my ankle.

Partial view of Twelve Bens (mountains).

I’m doing well, although it’s painful to climb the stairs to the second level of the house several times a day to build stamina.  The walking up the steep hills continues when it’s not pouring rain and, I make a concerted effort to log as many steps as possible on my fitness watch, never missing a day.

Walking around the house over and over is boring.  Often, Tom listens to his favorite radio stations and podcasts, which help distract me while walking.  With his poor hearing after years of working on the railroad, he makes it loud enough that I can hear it as I wander through the main floor. 

We see mountains wherever we travel.

Storage on my South Africa-purchased smartphone is eaten up and I can’t download any podcast apps to listen to shows, although I’ve uninstalled all the apps I don’t often use. 

We’ll be getting new phones when we go to the US in a little over three months.  I can’t wait to have enough storage to download any apps I’d like.  But, as we’ve said over and over again, adaptation is the key to managing with less available options of products and services.

From our window, fiery looking sunset overlooking Bertraghboy Bay.

There are numerous products I use which I’d always purchased from CVS pharmacies and other stores in the US.  Most of those products do not even exist in this or many other countries.  

As a result, I’m using unfamiliar brands that don’t quite fulfill my expectations.  I’m looking forward to shopping in the US to stock up enough items to last until we return again.  This time, as we had while in the US in 2017, we’ll purchase supplies and new clothing.  Those we purchased at that time are showing signs of wear and tear after so many washings.  

And the shoe situation?  For me, at present it’s awful.  I have boots for the bush, running shoes for working out, water shoes, and two pairs of worn-out sandals.  At this point, I don’t have a single pair of appropriate shoes to wear to dinner on the upcoming cruise.

Kylemore Lough (Irish: Loch na Coille Móire)is a freshwater lake in the west of Ireland. It is located in the Connemara area of County Galway.

I checked out the shoe departments in a few stores in Clifden (there’s no specific shoe store).  I’m hoping, once we’re in Amsterdam for two days, I may be able to find a few options.  Tom seems to have enough shoes to last a few years.  Deciding on how long items will last is entirely unpredictable.  Of course, quality is a factor but we have tee shirts from Old Navy priced at Euro 8.90, US $10, that have held up as well as more expensive items.  Go figure.

Today is another dark, windy and rainy day.  We’re making low carb Italian meatballs with homemade low carb pasta sauce topped with grated mozzarella cheese.  Each meatball is stuffed with a chunk of fresh mozzarella cheese with one extra chunk on the top. I only eat a small amount of this dish adding many veggies on the side.

Hope you have an opportunity to enjoy a delicious Sunday dinner.


Photo from one year ago today, July 21, 2018:

It’s always thrilling to see elephants along the road.  For more Kruger photos, please click here.

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