We’ve started to prepare to leave Nevada in three days…

Tom, walking on the beach in Placencia, Belize, in February 2013.

This morning, I managed to pack my clothes and miscellaneous supplies. Tom will pack his clothes and all the digital equipment in the next few days on Monday before we depart. Tomorrow, I will pack the food supplies and miscellaneous kitchen tools we purchased while here.

We’ve accumulated a lot of non-perishable items while here but knew we’d be driving to Arizona and able to bring them with us. We have several spices and unopened cans, such as tomato sauce, coconut cream, and Mexican and Chinese sauces and flavorings frequently.

It felt good to be packed when I’d anticipated it would take longer than it did. Of course, I have been getting up much earlier each day, and now I am sleeping through the night. My new sleeping plan worked, and I am no longer awake for hours at night. I still have trouble falling asleep, usually not nodding off until midnight or later.

My Fitbit records sleep; I currently get between seven and eight hours. As soon as I wake up, I jump out of bed to begin my day. Getting enough quality sleep feels excellent, although I get a little sleepy around 3:00 pm. Yesterday, I dozed off for about 15 minutes, and wow, that feels good! A short nap is such a refresher!

It also feels good that I sent in my package of documents for Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. It will arrive on Tuesday, and then the clock begins ticking for an answer to my appointment date, which I’ll know within two weeks. That will help us make plans for the next several months.

Yesterday, I perused some vacation/holiday rentals in Cleveland, near the hospital, at VRBO. Countless lovely properties are available within one to three miles, perfect for our needs. The hotels are more expensive than the rentals, and it would be better for us to stay in a house with full facilities.

Oddly, I am at peace, not worrying and feeling hopeful for the future. I was more stressed when I didn’t know my fate. I have accepted this reality and will proceed with optimism and confidence that I will be in good hands.

No words can explain how grateful we are for all the beautiful messages from our readers/family/friends. I spent the first hour when I sat down to do the post, answering many messages we received, primarily email and many online comments. Because we’re getting ready to leave, I won’t be able to reply to everyone.

But I want you to know I have read every single message and will continue to do so. How thoughtful and kind of all of you. Our readers are the best in the world. No doubt, your messages are uplifting.

Dinner is prepped for tonight, and I don’t have much to do today besides walking and exercising. I’m glad I got an early start on the packing. All is good.

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, March 29, 2014:

Before we began planning to travel the world, I had a vague recollection of where many countries were located. On the other hand, Tom, a history and geography buff, was much more knowledgeable. As we’ve continued, we’ve significantly enhanced our geographical knowledge of the world, but we still have more to learn. Many of our readers commented that they were surprised that we were still in Africa while living in Morocco. How often does one take the time to look at a world map to be reminded of that which we learned in grade school? Not often. For more photos, please click here.

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  1. Cousin Phyllis Reply

    Hi Jessica,
    Sorry I have not been reading your letters, I started back again.
    What is going on with your heart, let me know, I am worried.
    I will be thinking of you every day, sending lots of love
    Love you
    Cousin Phyllis

    • worldwide-admin Post authorReply

      Phyllis, I sent you an email. Thanks for thinking of me as always.

      Love you,
      Jess & Tom

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