Big dent in packing…Easy from here…Two days and counting…

Beautiful wild flowers in South Africa.

Dinner out tonight at Luna Rossa for the last time will be a pleasant treat after many tasks over the past several days. Yesterday, I received a notification from Cleveland Clinic that they set up a file for me which I construed as a good sign that I will get an appointment and have been accepted as a patient.

After another great night’s sleep with no awakening during the night, this morning, I got up early. I started packing the nonperishables in a box, using our cloth grocery bags for the overflow. We’re asked for a full-sized car that Tom is picking up tomorrow morning, and we’ll start loading it right away. Hopefully, everything will fit.

Since we were here for 3½ months and are driving to Arizona, we can pack the nonperishables and cleaning supplies we accumulated during this extended stay. We usually leave unused items to the cleaner, manager, or owner. It feels good not to be concerned about the weight of our bags since we aren’t flying anywhere in the next few months. We’ll drive to Cleveland when the time comes.

It’s a good feeling to be this organized two days before departing. All we have left to do before we leave is pack the laptops and digital equipment, the clothes we’ve been wearing, and the clean laundry, which we’ll wash, dry, and fold tomorrow morning using the remainder of the money left on the laundry app for the laundry room in the condo complex.

I wrote to the owner this morning, asking him to send a link to review this property. We have only wonderful things to say and will give it a five-star rating. As we’ve mentioned over the past 3½ months, we have loved this location and property. Surely, whenever we return to Las Vegas, we’ll plan to see if we can rent this vacation/holiday home again.

Over the past 15 months, I’ve been alternating wearing the same two identical pairs of jeans when we arrived in Minnesota in November 2022. Our bags were lost when we arrived, and we headed to Target to buy clothes. I purchased those two pairs of Lee jeans without trying them on. Surprisingly, they fit, although they were too short for me. At that point, I couldn’t be picky.

Nonetheless, I’ve worn those two pairs of jeans repeatedly. In the meantime, I lost over 20 pounds (9 kg), and the jeans didn’t fit well. A few days ago, I ordered two pairs of Lee jeans from Amazon that were on sale for $26.95 each. I ordered them in three sizes smaller than the jeans I had ordered in 2022, taking a chance.

They fit perfectly, and since I could order “extra long,” they are a good fit and long enough. I am thrilled. I may not be fashionable, but I don’t like those “highwater” pants and refuse to wear them. The only other jeans I have is a pair of white jeans I wore for “White Night” on the Azamara cruise in August. I doubt they will fit now, but I packed them anyway.

Our Easter day won’t be very exciting when we use leftovers from the refrigerator to make sliced ham and omelets tomorrow night. We hope those who celebrate have a lovely Easter Day with those you love, whether family, friends, or pets.

That’s it for today, dear readers, and thank you again for all the warm and supportive messages.

Be well.

Photo from ten years ago today, March 30, 2014:

Once inside the restaurant, closing off the door to their courtyard, we warmed up enough to remove our jackets while we had dinner. For more photos, please click here.

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