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There are many beautiful scenes when driving on the many winding and narrow roads.

“Fascinating Fact of the Day About Ireland”
Because Ireland is isolated, many species of animals commonly found in Europe do not live here. This includes moles, polecats, and weasels.”

When we decided how to handle our upcoming schedule for visiting the US, the starting date on November 8 was based on when we’d disembark a transatlantic cruise from Southampton, England, ending in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We booked a flight from there to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where we’ll visit kids, grandkids, and other family members, for two weeks staying in a nearby hotel.

From there, we’ll fly to Nevada, where we’ll spend 10 days staying with my son Richard in Henderson, Nevada, frequently visiting my sister Susan in Las Vegas. While in Nevada, we’ll renew our driver’s licenses and passports.  
Fishing boats in the bay.

With the rental car we’ll have booked in Nevada, we’ll drive to Apache Junction, Arizona (five hours) and spend the month of December near his sisters, Colleen (and husband Gene), Mary Ellen (and husband Eugene), and Margie. They each have a home in a 55-plus RV park where they spend the cold Minnesota winter months.

When we visited the US in summer 2017, we spent time with his sisters while still in Minnesota. However, we’d only visited them at their Apache Junction homes a few times when we stayed in Scottsdale in 2012.

Mr. & Mrs. Sheep

As the youngest in the family, Tom thought it would make sense to spend some quality time with his sisters while they were in the US at the end of the year, and I concurred.

Where we’d stay has been a source of research over the past few weeks. They were a few holiday homes we could consider and plenty of hotels. But, we wanted to spend time with his sisters and their neighbors, who get together each day for happy hour and snacks. 

Two white Connemara ponies were tended to by their owner.

If we were staying in a hotel, we wouldn’t make some food to bring for each evening. If we stayed in a nearby holiday home, we’d have the drive from their location to a house a few miles away. We didn’t want Tom driving after happy hour. On occasion, his family members stayed up very late, too late for me, and he’d have to go me back to our location.

The logical choice was to find a place to live in their RV park, which was merely a short walk away from his sisters. As we began our research, we couldn’t find any rentals for that specific location advertised anywhere online.

As we approached Balleyconneely.
Tom’s sister, Colleen, got to work and found a place for us, not far from their RV sites, within easy walking distance. The rep at the park has confirmed our rental, which will include all utilities, WiFi, TV service, and a complete unit with kitchen and laundry facilities for a little over Euro 1339, US $1500 per month.  

We agreed to book the unit from December 1 through December 31. Once we get settled, we’ll decide where we’d like to be on New Year’s Eve, but we’ll figure that out later. It’s a bit odd that we’ll be staying in a trailer home which is far removed from our usual private homes throughout the world. But, we’ve determined this is the best possible scenario for that particular period.  
Ruins of another castle.

No doubt, we’ll have a great time with his sisters (and husbands) and thoroughly enjoy staying in this unique (to us) type of property. Each time we have an opportunity to try something new, we look forward to the opportunity to expand our horizons.

This morning, we took off for Clifden, visiting a museum for which we’ll share photos and historical facts in the next few days.  
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