We’re in Johannesburg at the airport…So far so good…Three more flights to go…

Our last sunset in South Africa taken through the scratched glass on the window of the plane

Much to our surprise, it’s been seamless so far; the trip from Marloth to Mpumalanga; flight to Johannesburg; immigration; two security checks so far. Palming a tip into a handshake enabled us to avoid excess baggage fees. Apparently, we were over more than we’d expected. 

In an hour, at 9:00 pm, we’ll board the red-eye to Cairo, then another flight to Casablanca, then on to the final flight to Marrakesh, Morocco. Then a drive from the airport to our new home, Riad Dar Aicha.

And then, the sun peeked out a little more a few seconds later. There’s something special about sunsets in Africa.

No doubt, we’ll be exhausted but a safe arrival is foremost in our minds. Cairo is not the safest. place in the world at this time and we’ll be there for almost four hours.

At the moment we’re in a pleasant restaurant at the airport not too far from our gate. Omelets were the most sensible meal considering we’ll be sitting on the plane for eight hours.

It’s almost time to board our flight. We requested an upgrade to business class but it was full. We’re on a waitlist with two ahead of us. Unlikely will be upgraded, but it was worth a try.

We’ll be back when we arrive in Cairo as soon as we find an Internet café. (Our remaining South Africa data will be useless once we leave the country).

Stay tuned, folks!

Comments and responses We’re in Johannesburg at the airport…So far so good…Three more flights to go…

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Jess & Tom

    Thanks for the update. Glad all is going well so far. Will be staying tuned!!

    Vikki & Bob

  2. Jessica Reply

    Vikki & Bob,
    We made it! We're tired but so content. Tomorrow, we'll post some photos of our lives here in the amazing city of Marrakesh, Morocco.

    Thanks, dear friends, for staying in touch.

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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