Video and photo of an breathtaking sky over Hawaii…And a year ago sky in Kenya…

This sky captured our attention for a short period
before darkness fell. 
There are times that nature presents us with such profound beauty that it’s difficult to take our eyes away. The above video we took on Friday evening from the balcony on the ship was exactly one of those situations. 
Taken aboard the ship, this intrigued us when the long narrow line along the horizon added considerable appeal to the scene.
I was inside the cabin struggling to upload a photo for the next day’s post while Tom was on “sunset watch” on the veranda in our cabin. As soon as he said, “Hurry, bring the camera. We’ve got to do a video!” I jumped up dashing outside with the camera.
The protrusion in the upper left is the ship’s bridge which was impossible to avoid in taking this shot to illustrate the beautiful coloration.

Gasping in wonder as to this exquisite sky, I couldn’t get the video going fast enough. It was so beautiful that I had trouble speaking into the microphone on the camera. I apologize for the choppy dialogue.

The reflection of the sun peeking through the clouds created quite the scene.

As passionate observers of nature, we’ve found that each area of the world that we’ve visited thus far, has its own unique signature in the sky, whether it’s a sunrise, a sunset, a full moon and a cloudy day, or night. We love it all.

We refer to these scenes with holes through the cloud with the sun filtering through as “the eyes of God.”
Months ago in Madeira, we were enthralled with the clouds and fog rolling in from the sea creating a mysterious ambiance. In early 2013, we were captivated by the sunset and moonlight in Belize and later over the Indian Ocean in Kenya. 

Today, we’re sharing more new sunset photos in Hawaii that we were unable to post while on the ship.  With all the horrible news throughout the world, it’s a welcome relief to revel in nature’s boundless beauty.

We hope many of our readers were able to see last night’s lunar eclipse.
                                            Photo from one year ago today, October 8, 2013:
Ironically, it was a year today, that we took this photo at dusk in the Masai Mara while in Kenya on safari.  Appropriately befitting today’s story and photos.  For details from that date, please click here.

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