Trying to avoid mundane posts…Exterior photos of our little temporary home…

We’ve already sat out outside several times and used the gas grill. The weather is warm and sunny most days.

It’s not easy to write fascinating posts right now, and until the end of January, our lives are uncomplicated and straightforward, mostly settled around socializing and daily living.

Are we having a good time? Absolutely! Time spent with the sisters, their spouses, and many neighbors are purely delightful. Last night, 16 of us gathered in and around Margie’s patio, hauling folding chairs from their own homes. There was room for all of us.

As usual, the conversation was lively and animated. Yes, they are all seniors of varying ages ranging from their 60s to their late 80s. We fit right in as we do on cruise ships when most passengers are seniors.
The exterior of our mobile home. It’s a single-wide without the often added “Arizona room.”

No, our lifestyle may be vastly different from theirs, but this is often the case, and we’re used to it. Regardless, we all possess a commonality of past experiences coupled with current events, often humorous and entertaining.

These get-togethers aren’t about food. Often the party-goers return to their homes around 7:00 pm to make their dinner after an early 4:00 pm starts to the festivities. 

With most seniors here having little interest in cooking, fewer people would show if food were involved. Instead, if one of the participants has a bag of chips, nuts, or some other crunchy, salty item, they may bring it along to share.
Down the road from us.

This morning at 11:00 am, as mentioned, we’ll be attending the “omelet in a bag event” at the home of a lovely couple who joined all of us yesterday afternoon and whom we met at the firepit a few nights ago.

There was a list of “items to bring” from which participants could choose. We’re bringing a bottle of peach schnapps. Others are bringing different breakfast sides, including cinnamon rolls, bacon, sausage, etc.

This time we’ll take photos to share in tomorrow’s post. We apologize for the lack of excitement in our posts over the past 36 days and regarding the remaining 46 days until we’re on the move again, this time to India for two months, where we’ll be sightseeing almost every day.

The “backyard” is where another mobile home is located.

We’ll have plenty to share at that time. But now, the “simple life” continues with casual gatherings, endless chatter, and quiet time spent in our tiny temporary home. We’re enjoying every moment.

As for our lingering coughs…mine is almost completely gone, and Tom still has a way to go to get to where I am now. He still has outrageous fits of coughing, often during the night. But, overall, he’s improving a little each day.

May you find the prep and planning for the holiday season (if you celebrate) enjoyable. Happy Saturday!

Photo from one year ago today, December 14, 2018:

Little told his friend that the “pickins” were good at this house, so they both climbed the six steps up to the veranda to the front door. For more photos, please click here.

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