Laundromat…Farmer’s market…

We purchased five yellow and orange peppers at the cost of $1.99. The red peppers, as
usual is priced higher at $.79 each, still an excellent price.

I hadn’t mentioned we don’t have laundry facilities in our tiny home. As a result, we have to bring our laundry to a large laundry room on the property, too far to walk.

It had been a long time since we’d had to haul our laundry to a laundromat, as far back as 2014 when we were in London for two weeks, staying in a hotel that didn’t have self-serve laundry and only typically expensive laundry service. 

Cauliflower heads are priced at two for $1. What a great price!

At that time, without a rental car, we placed our dirty clothes into a wheeling suitcase and headed to a laundromat several blocks away, sitting and waiting for at least two hours while our clothes washed and dried.

Here at Robert’s Resort, we can leave our clothes in the washers and dryers while returning to our unit or taking off on another outing. Today, we started the wash and drove a short distance to a nearby farmers market Tom’s sister Colleen had recommended.

Checking on MAPS, the farmers market in Apache Junction, Superstition Ranch Farmers Market is less than three miles. After a very successful trip to the farmers market, we were back in plenty of time to place the laundry in the dryer. Of course, we weren’t worried a bit that someone would abscond with our laundry.

We couldn’t believe the great price of asparagus at the Superstition Ranch Farmers Market.
We purchased two pounds.

The farmers market was one of the best we’ve seen over the years regarding pricing. We spent a little over $17 for enough to last until the next time we grocery shop.

With Tom’s birthday upcoming in 10 days on December 23rd, I’ve begun planning the menu for his party, considering what most appeals to him. I’ll bake a cake and of course, invite all the sisters and spouses. 

We hadn’t celebrated Tom’s birthday with his family since doing so in Henderson, Nevada, in 2012 when the same group stayed with us in a holiday home we’d rented. It will be fun to celebrate with all of them once again.

It was an excellent market with plenty of organic fruit and vegetable.
Since I can eat berries in moderation, we purchase blueberries, blackberries,
and raspberries at $1 for each container.

Today, we plan to continue to work on financial matters and update our spreadsheet. Over the past seven years, I’ve continued to add our spending and expenses on an Excel workbook with many tabs. 

While in Nevada with an hour to spare, I created an all-new workbook, changing many features we found to be important over the years. Beginning on January 1, 2020, we’ll start using the new form. 

In the interim, I’ll have to add all the bookings and costs to the new form that will transpire into 2020. It will be a time-consuming task, but it needs to be done.

There’s a display of Boar’s Head meats, but we’ll purchase this fresh-sliced at the supermarket next time we make “unwiches” (sub-type sandwiches with romaine lettuce used in place of bread).

Most likely, tonight we’ll get together with the family. Tomorrow morning, we’re attending a get-together with neighbors for an omelet-in-a-bag breakfast. I’m concerned about what types of bags are used since Ziplock bags leach toxic chemicals when boiled in water or used to cook in a microwave. 

But, this may be one of those times, I just “bite-the-bullet” and go with the flow. We shall see. I certainly won’t say anything at the party and make the hosts or guests feel uncomfortable.

May your Friday be action-packed with delightful experiences!

Photo from one year ago today, December 13, 2018:

Wounded was beginning to look a little better, but we doubt he can see from his left eye.  He looked thin and weary, but we continued to feed him all he’d eat, and we’re sure other residents were doing the same. For more photos, please click here.

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