Tom’s back in business…What a relief!…Fruitless doctor appointment…Visitors in more than one way…

When they miss the bit of meat, it doesn’t hurt at all if they peck at me instead.

Yesterday around 11 am, Bob and I headed to the Stockland Mall for my 11:15 doctor appointment.  I didn’t want another doctor visit after I’d already had two prior appointments with doctors for this gastrointestinal issue, one in Hobart and another in Geeveston, Tasmania.  Now, it would be three appointments.

Having received a diagnosis from doctor #2 in Geeveston after a blood test determined I’ve been suffering with helicobactor pylori, a bacterial infection I believe I contracted in Fiji eating squid and octopus about 15 months ago.

This particular infection may cause ulcers and attribute to the possibility of stomach cancer, nothing to mess with.  As a result, I promised myself I’d have the test after four weeks to ensure its gone. The doctor in Geeveston stressed how important it is to have the test after taking the two rounds of high dose antibiotics and PPI (proton pump inhibitors). 

Tom’s new Windows 10 Acer touchscreen laptop.  We hesitated over Windows 10 for some time but now it seems to be a good operating system which Tom is learning quickly.

I’d love to have been able to just do the test, get the results, and be done with it.  But, health care laws in Australia require patients to have an appointment with the doctor who will subsequently order the test. 

Having stopped at the mall clinic to make the appointment a week ago, I collected the test kit (test to be conducted at “home.”  Get it?) and brought it “completed” to the appointment. 

I’ll have the test results in one week.  The symptoms remain, although its better than it was four months ago.  Hopefully, evidence of the infection will be gone and I’ll continue to improve over time.

Specs on his new laptop, priced at AU $892.53, US $675.85 plus tax, plus shipping.

In a short time, after the 15 minute appointment priced at AU $125, US $94.65 plus the cost of the test, yet to be billed, Bob and I were on our way for a quick stop at the grocery store for a few items.  I was anxious to get back to see if Tom’s laptop had arrived.

Alas, it had, exactly at 11:30 am as the thoughtful and kindly rep from Fed Ex had promised, arriving at the door to our apartment on the main level.  By the time I walked in, Tom had the laptop charging waiting for me to assist him in the setup.

Sunny day view of the bay from our veranda.  Lovely!

It took no time at all and everything was working well.  His email and contacts uploaded in no time and he spent the remainder of the day becoming familiar with the minimal nuances and differences from his prior Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. 

Now, I’m looking forward to buying a new laptop when we’re in Minnesota although mine continues to work well enough with the exception of a few items for which I’ve managed a few workarounds.  But, like Tom’s, mine could crash as his did 12 days ago.  I continue to back up my data on the cloud and the external hard we carry with us. 

“Well, maybe a little more,” she says. Females are larger than the males in this species.

FYI, dear readers:  If my laptop crashes, I’ll continue to post each day using Tom’s laptop until we get to the US and purchase a replacement.

Now that I’ve become familiar with my new phone and have it set up to my liking, having learned literally everything there is to know over the past few days, we’re currently set with technology. 

“No!  I’ve had enough!”

Tonight, we have fun plans on the horizon.  Bob’s newest renters from a suburb in Melbourne are joining Bob for dinner at our “house” for homemade pizza (and salad). We’re making our usual low carb, grain, starch and sugar free recipe with the crusts made from cheese and egg. 

Tom captured these shots including this one shown with the two Magpies and a Kookaburra in flight. At one point there was 10 “visitors” swarming around me.  I was in heaven!

We’ve had Bob here for dinner but its been a long time since we’ve had a small dinner party in a holiday home.  Today, a cleaner Bob ordered for us is coming at 2 pm when we’ll head to town and the local coffee shop with Bob in order to get out of the way.  Having the cleaner makes the dinner party all the easier when we don’t have to clean.

I started chopping and dicing at 6:30 am when neither of us could fall back to sleep after awakening around 4:30 am.  It made sense to get up and take advantage of the time to get the ball rolling with so many items to chop and dice.

If we thought we had a good time with “Birdie” in Kauai, I’m going nuts with the Kookaburras and other birds here who now come when I call.

We’ll be back tomorrow with photos and story from our dinner party.  Please stop back…

Be well.


Photo from one year ago today, April 6, 2017:

Our favorite of the day!  A face only a mother could love. Then again, we loved it!  Note the set of ears from an alpaca in the background.  For more on the blissful three months we spent with on the gorgeous alpaca farm in New Zealand, please click here.

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