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Downtown Clifden.

Fascinating Fact of the Day About Ireland 
“Connamara Chaos is a region of chaotic terrain on Jupiter’s moon Europa.”

After a much needed good night’s sleep, I awoke this morning determined to get started packing, beginning with all my clothes in the master bedroom’s walk-in closet. 

Twenty minutes later all of my clothing was neatly folded in my suitcase.  I’d even begun packing the “supplies” suitcase which I’ll complete later today or tomorrow leaving out toiletries we’ll use over the next several days.  
An island in the lake.
I’ll place those items in a large ziplock bag for easy access for our overnight in Dublin and following two nights in Amsterdam.  The clothing I’ll wear during those three days and nights will be left on top of the other clothes in the suitcase, again for easy access.

While packing this morning, I couldn’t help but recall packing in Marloth Park as we prepared to leave almost three months ago.  Where has the time gone?  This morning as I packed in blissfully cool weather, I asked myself how I managed in the heat in South Africa during those last three months as I edged closer to be well enough to fly the long distance to Ireland.
Ruins in the area.
Sure those last three months were February, March, April, and part of May which are cooler during the summer months in Africa.  But, it had been unseasonably hot during that period with humid temperatures well into 32Cs, 90Fs.

Without aircon in the house except for the master bedroom and numerous power outages, it was a difficult time.  Looking back to how awful I was feeling then, I don’t know how I got through it.  
A Belted Galloway grazing among the rocks.
On the other hand, Tom was continuously busy cooking and caring for me.  He, too, was feeling the heat along with the brunt of the seemingly endless power outages, and occasional water outages.  It wasn’t easy.

And yet, when I was finally able to go out on the veranda during the last two to three weeks before we left, seeing the wildlife a few more times, made all of it worthwhile and bearable.
Ruins of a former home, partially restored.  It appears the house is occupied.
Oddly, many of our favorites came by, as if to say goodbye which brought tears to my eyes.  How we loved our time in South Africa with only the final three months being difficult after my four surgeries.  Also, saying goodbye to all of our friends was difficult, not knowing when we’d see them again.

We may be banned from South Africa for five years based on the fact we overstayed our visas by those three months.  Although we’ve produced medical documents to request a waiver, we may never be approved.
This beautiful horse appears to be pregnant.
All of that is behind us now and although my recovery still continues, especially as I wean myself off several toxic drugs, those last three months in Africa have become somewhat of a distant memory.

This afternoon, I may go back upstairs to pack a little more.  In the interim, we’ll go about our day.  Not unusual, it’s another dark and rainy day.  We’ve already chopped and diced everything we’ll need for dinner and can sit back and relax knowing our time to leave is coming near.
One of the many small fishing boats we see daily.
May you have a peaceful weekend.
Photo from one year ago today, August 3, 2018:
The closest living relatives of hippos are porpoises and whales.  For more Kruger National Park photos please click here.

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