The Buenos Aires saga continues…Resolution of health issue at our hotel…A new find…

Last night, we had an exceptional meal at Rave Restaurant.

One month from today, on February 8th, the cruise to Antarctica will end in Ushuaia, Argentina. That day, we’ll fly back to Buenos Aires to the same lovely Prodeo Hotel where our bags are being held, and we’ll stay two nights, and then, on February 10th, we’ll begin the two-day journey to South Africa.

We’ll ship all of our cold-weather clothing back to the mailing service in Nevada during those two days, where they’ll keep the items stored in our box for such a time as we may need them again. Perhaps, the Arctic at some time in the future? One never knows.

Now that I’m feeling well again, I wouldn’t say I like the idea of discussing more health issues. Good grief. Our readers have heard enough! Speaking of the Prodeo Hotel, we simply have to share a story of a situation here during our stay.

The decor was typical Argentinian, with a kitchen view, tables tightly packed, and a casual atmosphere.

Unfortunately, I have inherited several health issues from my mother’s side of the family, most of which are totally under control with a good diet, exercise, and a positive state of being. However, allergies are not necessarily controlled by my many efforts to stay healthy.

Until we arrived in Minnesota last May, after all the vacation/holiday homes we’d lived in, I’d never experienced any issues with a long-ago allergy to bed mites. Here’s some info on dust/bed mites (nothing comparable to bed bugs):

The light fixture over our head but like most local restaurants, they are dimly lit for both ambiances and saving on electricity.

“What are Bed Mites

The most common “Bed Mite” is the house dust mite. House dust mites can be a problem in any building, in any city, clean or dirty. They are not as bad in unoccupied buildings because there is not much to eat.
Dust mites are generally found in beds, pillows, upholstered furniture, rugs, or other places where people sleep or sit for long periods. Dust mites require a damp environment, and that is why beds are a mite’s favorite place to hang out.
Adult mites live for one to three months, feeding on various foods, including dog food, cereals, yeast, and their favorite food or dead skin. They like our pet’s skin too. Dust mites don’t bite…
The good news is it is easy to deal with dust mites and make your home pretty much dust ” Bed” mite-free.
The remainder of this article may be found here at this site.
It’s always nice to have a linen napkin at the table.

In my 20’s I was treated with allergy injections after testing for various substances, including bed/dust mites. For these past many years, I’ve had no symptoms until we slept on the bed in the hotel in Minnesota, the bed on the most recent South America cruise, and here at the Prodeo Hotel.

Over these past few weeks, the itching became unbearable, and I was unable to sleep more than a few hours at night from sheer exhaustion. I was in a quandary as to what to do. I approached our hotelier Alessandro for a possible solution. Alas, he had an immediate answer in mind.

For the first night in a long while, I slept for seven hours. What a relief! And, what a fine thing this excellent boutique hotel did for me! Within 24 hours, we had a new hypo-allergenic mattress replacing the other bed, new pillows, a new comforter, and bedding.

This dish may look messy, but it was the best meal I’ve had since we arrived in Buenos Aires.  It included white salmon, prawns, mushrooms, zucchini, red peppers, onions, garlic, all cooked in real butter. It was perfect for my way of eating and delicious. I can’t wait to have it again.

Not every hotel would be so accommodating. We couldn’t have been more pleased. Although I still itch a little from stuffed furniture, pillows, and dust that flies through the air, I’m able to sleep. 

I’m beginning to think of our next shipment when we may need to purchase a hypoallergenic mattress, box springs, and pillow covers to carry with us, just in case. Initially, when we first began our travels, we carried these items with us, but we eventually donated them due to the excess weight when we had no issues.

Changing the mattress may not be possible for most vacation/holiday homeowners. I’ll have to dispose of some clothing to compensate for the weight of these items, but it will be worth it to me.

Tom’s risotto contained chicken, mushrooms, onions, celery, and garlic.  He loved it!

Recently, in Costa Rica, I had no issues, so for now, we’ll play it by ear and see what transpires. There’s always a solution for most problems that arise, although, at times, they may be costly and inconvenient. 

So, for now, we’re content, enjoying our time at the hotel and our walks through the city both during the day and at night. My FitBit is smoking up a storm, more than it has in a long time. 

Today, we have to enter our entire new itinerary into the Cozi online calendar we’ve been using since Minnesota.  Once I enter the items on my online version of the calendar, Tom can access the information or add more data to his version at any time. It’s a great app for busy family and business activities that are shared with multiple users. What a find! Here’s the link to the free app.

Last night, we had an exceptional meal and service at Rave Restaurant, located only a few blocks from the hotel. We’d walked by many times during our nightly search for a new restaurant, only to find them closed night after night. 

Soon, it would be getting dark. We dine earlier than many locals who generally have dinner after 9:00 pm. We eat so little during the day; an earlier dinner is best for us.  Also, neither of us cares to go to bed on a full stomach.

Now that the holiday season is over, they’ll be open all day from noon to midnight. Most certainly, we’ll return after last night’s exceptional experience.  Our meal, including tax, tip, bottled water, and two glasses of Malbec, came to a total of US $46.26 (ARS 918). 

This was one of the more expensive meals we’ve had in Palermo these past weeks, but we were pleased by how great affordable food is in this part of the world. Rave Restaurant in Palermo is well worth visiting if you’re in Buenos Aires sometime in the future. We’ll undoubtedly return during our remaining 15 days.

That’s it for today, folks!  We’ll be back tomorrow with many more photos. In a few days, we’ll be out sightseeing again.

Have a glorious beginning of a new week in 2018!

Photo from one year ago today, January 8, 2017:

Our friend and landlord Terry took this photo of a seal lounging on Sisters Beach in Penguin, Tasmania. We’ll be seeing some seals soon in Antarctica!  For more photos, please click here.

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