Power outages leaving us frustrated…Why don’t we leave?…Holiday time in SA…More tourists in the park…

Mr. Duiker resting in the garden

“Sighting of the Day in the Bush”

This mongoose must have been injured when he was dragging his back legs using his front legs.  So sad to see.

Many of our readers have written to us asking why we don’t leave and go somewhere else while we await our flight to Ireland on May 11th. The heat, humidity, and power outages are outrageous.

There are several reasons we haven’t left, and here they are:

    • We prepaid the rent for the Orange house until May 11th and didn’t feel it would be fair to ask Louise for a refund when it’s already been paid to the owners.
    • We can’t leave the country while awaiting our visa extension, which may or may not be processed in time for our departure. The power outages are country-wide not only Marloth Park. Eskom, the provider, has run out of money and resource.
    • If we left, we’d have to find another place to live and pay for the new place and all of its expenses. After all the money we lost canceling venues when I had to have the triple coronary bypass surgery on February 12, spending more doesn’t make sense.
    • We may not have a daily housekeeping service which has been a tremendous help during this period.
    • We have many friends here who’ve been helpful and supportive. Although our social life is limited until I recover more fully, our friends have been vital in my recovery.
    • Seeing the wildlife each day has had a positive effect on my recovery.
    • Unable to travel for 90 days due to surgery and complications.
Bushbucks were munching on pellets.

And then, of course, there’s my old theory of “Love the One You’re With,” like the song found here. This house, the bush, the wildlife, and our friends have been our home for the past 13 months. When one is ill or recovering, being in familiar surroundings is a vital part of their recovery. Everyone wants to be “home” during such times.

It isn’t like the US here in Africa when houses have “central air conditioning.” The high cost of running central air here would be outrageous. But, that doesn’t make us feel more tolerant of the scorching heat and the almost eight hours of power outages each day.

Zebras have stopped by almost every day.
Luckily, when we have power, we can escape to the bedroom with its wall aircon, which is very good at cooling the room. No, we don’t like spending time in the bedroom during the day, but it is a means of relief for an hour or two.
Aside from this, we have established a good routine that is working well for us as I continue to heal. I have yet to follow our old routine of sitting outdoors at the big table all day since I have to keep my feet up due to the infections, which are now beginning to heal, a little more each day.
Instead, I sit up with pillows propping me to a sitting position with my legs on a pillow on the sofa.  There’s a large table fan running aimed directly at me. This helps a lot.
Such an adorable face.

Are we upset and unhappy now? Not at all.  We both feel hopeful for the future, enjoy each other’s companionship, and are otherwise comfortable. Tom downloads his favorite podcasts so we can listen during the power outages.

We’re incredibly conscious of ensuring our phones and laptops are fully charged. When the power goes out so does the WiFi. Luckily, we can play games on our phones when the power is out. Neither of us cares to sit quietly and do nothing for the better part of the day.

Soon, Tom will leave to go grocery shopping and to the pharmacy for more bandages and antibiotic cream.  We don’t need much food right now since we’re well-stocked.  

Plus, we’d prefer not to keep any perishables in the fridge or freezer with the power outages. We’d made my pie in an attempt to keep me from losing more weight if I ate one piece each night after dinner. But due to the power outages, we had to throw away the second half when it had mold. I guess I won’t be making any more of these.
That’s right. You did! Pose for the camera and see if you get pellets.

I want to go to the market with Tom but can’t walk well enough to trek around the market. I tried this last week and it was a fiasco. I wouldn’t want to wait in the car in the heat while he shops.

With most of our friends gone right now to their other homes, I made a reservation for the two of us for Jabula on Saturday night. I feel a need to get out of the house and mingle with other local friends who are often mulling around the bar at Happy Hour. 

National holiday times are often referred to as “school holidays” here in South Africa. This school holiday began on March 18th and continues through April 1st leaving only 10 days until it ends. We have seen less wildlife in the garden but not as few as during other holiday periods.

That’s it for today, folks. Again, thank you for the many online cards, email letters, and comments as we work through this somewhat challenging period.

May your day be free of challenges and bring you peace of mind and comfort.

                                                 Photo from one year ago today, March 21, 2018:

I was indoors preparing dinner while Tom noticed this mongoose digging a hole in the yard. Please click here for more.

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