Part 2…Two spectacular videos of a most exciting 3D dining experience…A flood in our cabin….

Please watch this second video of our extraordinary experience in Qsine Restaurant.

Note: Please excuse the less-than-perfect photos all taken in the darkened dining room.  For more clarity, please watch today and tomorrow’s videos.

It’s Monday afternoon. We’re seated in Cafe al Bacio with another couple, the third couple of the day that has joined us at our table while I’ve attempted to post today’s story when I’m not distracted by the delightful conversation.

A digital preview of Tom’s dessert.

Since the onset of this cruise, we’ve had an excellent experience, which included a few nights where we’ve stayed up until 1:00 am or later. Subsequently, last night it caught up with me and I desperately needed an early night and by midnight we were sleeping.

There have been three changes since the onset of the cruise, all of which resulted in turning back the clock that “seemed” to help with an extra hour of sleep each night.  

Tom’s dessert.

On the dress-up night, Saturday, when we returned to our cabin at 1:00 am, a pipe broke in the toilet in the cabin, and water literally filled up the bathroom floor in a minute or two.

Between courses…

We immediately called guest relations to report it, pleading with them to hurry.  There was no way for us to turn off the water. In the 10 minutes it took for the plumber and cleaner to arrive at our cabin, the water escaped the bathroom and soaked the carpeting outside the door.

By the time the plumbing was repaired and the carpeting cleaned, it was 2:30 am.  After all the excitement, I couldn’t fall asleep. My fitness watched showed I’d slept two hours by morning, and I felt exhausted and beside myself.
Colorful displays…

Yesterday, I had a lazy and exhausting day. Mid-afternoon tried napping with no luck. Last night, I hadn’t fallen asleep until midnight but managed a total of six hours of sleep, feeling a lot better today.

Guest relations contacted us, apologetic for the inconvenience, and offered a complimentary dinner in a specialty restaurant. We’d already booked Halloween night, October 31st, the day of our seventh travel anniversary, for dinner in Murano Restaurant.  

It couldn’t have been a more delightful presentation.

This worked out perfectly for us…they pay for our anniversary dinner, priced at US $55 per person. I suppose in the realm of things. It didn’t turn out so badly after all. We’ll undoubtedly enjoy our comped dinner at this fine restaurant.

The tabletop is a plain white blank canvas, making such colorful presentations possible.

Tonight, we’ll dine in the main dining room, most likely seated with a new group of people, enjoying the fun chatter, among which seems to center around travel-related experiences.

Later in the evening, there’s a Queen (rock group) sing-along in the Sky Lounge, which we look forward to attending. We may dance a little as we had a few nights ago, good exercise for both of us.

We loved the polka dot display!

In a few days, we’ll arrive in New York. We’ve yet to decide what we’ll do in the Big Apple, but whatever it is, we’ll be sharing it with all of you here.

May your Monday be filled with insight and purpose. Happy day!

Photo from one year ago today, October 28, 2018:

A young male kudu learns the ways of being so cute its impossible to resist giving him pellets.
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