Part 1…The road to Lahaina…Many photos from a great outing in the charming village….

Quaint little shops in Lahaina, mostly pricey are filled with beautiful merchandise. However, we got a kick out of perusing the shops. This time, the temptation to make purchases was harder for me to resist than usual, especially the clothing. There’s no room in the luggage for a thing.

This morning with clouds steadily rolling in, we spent a little bit of time by the pool as we anticipated raindrops at any moment. The weather in the Hawaiian Islands seems to change quickly, typical for most tropical climates.

Hawaiian tradition is powerful in the islands.  t is with great reverence and respect that we attempt to learn a little about their culture.

Never feeling disappointed considering all the sunny days, we hardly complain instead, packing up our towels, smartphones, and camera to head back inside.

The Humpback Whales come to Hawaii in order to care for their young beginning in December. We’re looking forward to Whale watching once we get to the Big Island.

As much as we love going out and about, we are so at ease in this condo and its ocean views, we don’t mind being indoors in inclement weather. Over the past week, almost every day we’ve turned off the AC, opened both the front screened door and the sliding door to the lanai for a robust breeze that is both comfortable and refreshing.

This netting covers the dangerous rock and lava walls that line both sides of the highway in places where falling rocks had been an issue. This netting could be used in many other parts of the world with the same hazard.

The temperature seems to vary only a few degrees during daylight hours, from 82F to 89F degrees cooling down to the 70s at night. Sleeping without AC is the bedroom is no issue at all, although we anticipated it maybe when we first arrived.

The first tunnel we’ve entered since leaving Madeira, Portugal three months ago.

Feeling a bit sluggish from my falling back to sleep for an hour at 8 am this morning, my usual energy level is at bay and for a moment I considered not doing today’s post and saving the photos for tomorrow.

On Highway 30, we made our way to Lahaina from Maalaea Beach. a pleasant 40-minute drive including several stops for photos.

Honestly, posting has never been a chore or a burden for me. Plus, I don’t care to miss a day when I’ve been so diligent about posting every day in so long I can’t remember. Oh, I may have missed a travel day, a no WiFi day, or a “lights out” day here and there in the past year, not much more. I don’t keep track of those.

It wasn’t easy to find a parking spot. When we did, we parked in a strip mall, later to discover when we returned there was a 30 minute limit in the spot we’d chosen. Luckily, we didn’t get a ticket.  Next time, we’ll be more observant.

When we arrived in Maui nine days ago, I promised myself that I’d go back to revising the zillions of errors in our posts going all the way back to the beginning on March 15, 2012. This is quite the task with well over 800 posts since the onset. 

An authentic Chinese restaurant on Front St. in Lahaina.

In many locations, a poor WiFi signal caused number alignment and photo posting errors, some of which are impossible to revise even now with a good signal. My only choice has been to do the best I can on the revisions and save them, know that the only alternative would be to delete them and that, dear readers, I have no intention of doing.

We’ve been communicating by email with a new reader, lovely Staci from Texas, who started reading every post from the beginning rather than starting at this point. She’s written a few email messages that we’ve both treasure for her candor and support. 

There was a tiny theatre next door to the authentic Chinese restaurant but it was closed when we walked by. Apparently, they have videos of Chinese history in Hawaii.

It is for this reason that we’d never want to delete a post. Keeping the continuity of our travels for new readers or those choosing to go back to the beginning is vital to maintain the flow of the ongoing story.

Each day I revise 20 daily posts which usually takes me from two to three hours. So far, I’ve only completed up to and including April 17, 2013, with hundreds more to go. 

Many charming restaurants, most of which have ocean views, offered fresh fish and seafood selections. Since we had a nice dinner awaiting our return, we decided to return for dinner at our next outing.

Amidst the time and effort it takes to correct the WiFi errors and my own typos and other errors, I’ve found it interesting reading what we wrote so long ago. That’s not to say that what we’ve posted is so interesting.  Instead, it speaks to my own curiosity to see how we’ve changed over these past few years, how we’ve adapted, and how much more tolerant and less fearful we’ve become. 

From that perspective, I’m motivated to continue on at the 20 posts per day. If all goes well, I could be finished in the five remaining weeks we have in Maui. That would be a relief, having this project behind me. Between writing the new posts and correcting the 20 old posts each day, I’m spending no less than five hours a day, often much more when there are many photos to manipulate.

Breathtaking ocean scenery is at every turn.

Even yesterday, when we were gone most of the day, when we returned from Lahaina before dinner, I sat down at my computer and got to work on the corrections, completing them before we finally sat down for dinner which I’d prepped early in the morning.

The street in Lahaina was considerably less busy than when I’d visited this quaint village many years ago before I met Tom. Each time I’d visited Lahaina it was during the winter months when many more tourists visit the islands.

I suppose that a part of me never really wanted to retire.  In reality, with the business aspects we’ve included as part of our site, I do have a part-time job. Fortunately, perhaps even oddly, I enjoy it as much today as I did in the beginning. 

Houses and townhouses are not unlike those anywhere else in the US, are located in Lahaina, Maui.

I suppose never tiring of posting is comparable to our ongoing world travels; we enjoy it now as much now as we did in the beginning or, as comparable to us enjoying spending time together; as much as we did in the beginning. 

Good thing that hasn’t changed!

                                            Photo from one year ago today, October 25, 2013:

With candles and lanterns, we were prepared in Kenya for the power outage continuing after dark which proved to be for 17 hours. The water had been out the prior day. For details of that date, please click here.

Comments and responses Part 1…The road to Lahaina…Many photos from a great outing in the charming village….

  1. Staci Finch Thompson Reply

    Thank you for the mention – it has been such a treat to read this wonderfully written account of your journey.

    Love the shot off of Highway 30 – the contrast is wonderful.

    I so enjoy how you describe the choices you make to complete any any endeavor that "fills your bucket" and the parallel of the posts and your travels.

  2. Jessica Reply

    Staci, you are so welcome! We are so appreciative of your writing to us. Both Tom and I savor every well written word and thoughtful observation. How about sharing some of your travels and perhaps a few items in your bucket list? Have you been to Maui? Any suggestions for us?

    Warmest regards to you both,
    Jess & Tom

  3. Staci Finch Thompson Reply

    Thank you for the kind words! Glenn will have to be the one to share travels – he's had far more experience with that than I.

    But where you are headed next year is our "must see" part of the world for sure. Our cruise Down Under in 2016 is our "let's see a bit so we can figure out how to get back here for an extended period" investigation. So we will be reading your adventures with an eye to learning all we can!

    I have not been to Maui. We sent Mom and Dad there for an anniversary a few years ago, and doing the road to Hana was a highlight for them. They had such a great day just wending the way. And while the fruit isn't in your diet, the pineapples they sent us were beyond expression – if they will keep long enough for your family arrivals, that might be something to pick up!

  4. Jessica Reply

    What a wonderful gift for your Mom and Dad! Great opportunity for making memories. Isn't that what life is all about anyway?

    We're going to do the road to Hana next week on a sunny day. We're looking forward to it and will post lots of photos. The other day in Lahaina, we walked by a sign that stated there are over 600 quick right and left turns on the road to Hana. Should be fun. After all the winding roads in Tuscany and later Madeira, it should be familiar to us.

    They sell those amazing pineapples on the Big Island too. I'm sure we'll have plenty for the family when they arrive along with the delicious macadamia nuts which I've been eating every night. Also, the avocados have been fabulous.

    Thanks for writing, Staci! How fun it will be to be on the same cruise!

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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