Our power is out today…

If it comes back in time before we head out to dinner tonight, we’ll certainly post as planned. If not, we’ll be back tomorrow (hopefully).

This is the fifth time the power has gone out in the past few weeks, usually lasting three to five hours. We shall see what transpires today.

Hope to be back later today!


2 thoughts on “Our power is out today…

  1. Anonymous Reply

    Just a quick note (since you suggested) ; ) I have been reading since you left Minnesota. I really appreciate when you post photos of the food and explain what you've been eating. I try eat low carb as well, so it's interesting to see what you can eat and what is available throughout the world. My seven year old daughter and I are excited to head back to her (native) China for a visit this summer. We'll see how I make out low-carb there!

    Julie and Tess in MInneapolis (Camille's friend)

  2. Jessica Reply

    Julie & Tess, how wonderful to hear from you! Actually, tonight we're going out to dinner and most certainly will post photos of our food.

    Also, I will begin taking photos of our meals more often. For easier living I usually make a meal that is repeated for two nights, cooking it fresh each night (no microwave available in the past 6 months).

    But, chopping and dicing everything once makes it easier for the next night. As a result of our two-meal planning, we will only have a few photos a week since we're only going to be cooking 5 nights a week, eating out 2 nights.

    We don't eat lunch since eating low carb kills our appetites and we never eat when we're not hungry. Usually, we have meat, veggies and cheese for a snack if hunger strikes during the day.

    So keep an eye out for food photos, one of my favorite topics anyway!

    Thanks so much for reading our blog and of course, for writing to us today!

    Hugs too you both,
    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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