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To the right, is Hesborn’s quarters where he lives until Saturdays at noon, returning early on Monday mornings.He boards the local matatu, a rickety old van bus service in order to visit his family in Mombasa. The 2-hour drive and ferry ride to Mombasa is Kenya Shillings $400, US $4.58 round trip, often breaks down en route. Although Hesborn is gone, we continue to have security on-site around the clock, as is always the case, 7 days a week.  

When we began writing this blog in March 2012, our intent was to keep a diary of our travel experiences to share with our family members and friends.  At any time they could type in our web address: www.worldwidewaftage.com to see what we’re doing today.  Today’s post is #411. We’ve been gone for almost a year!

The locked and guarded gate to ours and Jeri and Hans’ house.

After a few weeks of posting about the process of a retired couple planning to travel the world for years to come and the endless preparations, we discovered much to our surprise, that readers were reading our posts from all over the world, now at almost 100,000 and growing rapidly.

As readership continued to grow worldwide, we added advertisers to offset the continuing costs of maintaining a website and registered Worldwide Waftage as a business, enabling us a few benefits from time to time.  Now, we’ve found we’re able to receive small discounts on occasion as “travel writers.” 

As you can see, we often write reviews for places we’ve stayed, visited, and restaurants.

It makes sense with the tremendous amount of vegetation around us, that mosquitoes are impossible. With intermittent rains, the mosquito population continually thrives.

Only a handful of readers has signed up to receive the automatic email as shown on the right side of the page. These are a few folks who’d prefer to get the most recent post in an email, rather than go to their bookmark each day. Many prefer not to receive an additional email which is entirely up to you. 

Since the most recent post doesn’t usually arrive by email until the day after posting, many prefer not to sign up to receive it. Creating a bookmark is easy, allowing the reader to look for it within a minute of my posting it. Tom and I have tested this and it’s almost instantaneous. Either way you prefer is fine with us.

These pods are fascinating.  They look like pea pods but no one seems to know if they’re edible.  To be safe, we won’t use them in a stir fry.

Never, at any time will we take away the personal nature of our postings. After all, it’s very personal to us, often sharing the most minute details of our daily lives, our thoughts, our difficulties, and our dreams for the future. 

Yesterday, our post held a special meaning for us. Two of our regular readers, both of whom have posted comments at the end of posts in the past, both posted comments yesterday. 

Each of their observations meant so much to us. If you’ll go back to the post from yesterday, September 27th, you can read their much-appreciated comments and our response at the end of the post: Click here please and scroll to the end of that post.

These were often seen in pots in the US.  Here they are almost the size of a tree.

We encourage you to comment.  If you agree or disagree with us, if you have suggestions for us, if you have warnings for us, or if you simply want to say “hi,” share a recipe, share a travel experience or for that matter, share any experience, we’d love to hear from you.

We publish and respond to every comment we receive except those of a pornographic nature, those that may offend others for any reason, or those that are promoting unrelated websites that serve no use to our readers.  This will never be a place where we’ll “hound” our readers to buy something. 

Away from our family and friends, which may prove to be for extended periods, we have few interactions each day except with one another, while living in many remote areas.  Our world is not only that which surrounds us each day, but is also, every one of YOU.

If you don’t travel or can’t think of anything to say, tell us about a new TV show or movie we should download, or the weather where you live, or if nothing else, tell us your mindless drivel as we tell you ours almost each and every day.

We’ll be back tomorrow with photos of our outing tonight.  See you soon!

2 thoughts on “Writing comments…Please do…

  1. Anonymous Reply

    So happy your power came back on. We had to suffer through the power outage with our daughter when she was in India for 2 years as a missionary. We would be skyping with her and then all of a sudden, she would be gone. It was always so unsettling. So I have an idea how you must feel when you lose the power.
    I am glad you commented on what you enjoy hearing from your readers. I always wondered if I should be talking about what is going on in my life instead of what is going on in yours and Tom's. Of course, yours is so much more interesting to read about.
    Wow, that is so fantastic that you have over 100,00 readers. But I can understand that, because you do such a great job with your blog and pictures. You mentioned that you started this blog in March, 2012 and that you have been gone for a year. Well, since this is the end of Sept, 2013, that is more like a year and a half. Where am I confused?
    You mentioned that Dan and I should take a trip for a month or so and see what it is like. That did sound interesting. I was thinking how Dan loves to fish and he loves going out west to fish. He especially likes Wyoming. It would be fun to rent a condo for a month in Wyoming. Then we would be able to cook our own meals to save money and enjoy the surroundings. Dan always talks about how beautiful it is but I always insist on going on a cruise or someplace warm. So maybe I should extend my horizon and try this. Thanks for bringing it up, not sure if it will happen but it is something to think about.
    At the end of October we are going to Branson, Mo and staying in a condo for a week. It is located right on Lake Tanneycoma and Dan can trout fish while I enjoy the pool and hot tub. In the evenings we take in the shows. You probably know about Branson, it is popular with a lot of people all over the US. Then in early November we are going to the Lake of the Ozarks where we rented a condo that sleeps 10. Our daughter and son-in-law and their 6 kids are also going with us. That is why we need such a large place. Dan has fun fishing with 3 of our grandsons and I have fun with the little 2 year old and the 4 year old. Of course, this is not an adventure like the Wyoming trip would be because we do these activities every year. That sounds funny, me talking about Wyoming being an adventure when it is right here in the US. But to be gone for a whole month would be the adventure. ha-ha
    Well, I have taken up enough of your time and space, so I will say good-bye for now.

  2. Jessica Reply

    First, you aren't taking too much of my time or space! I enjoy hearing from you! Secondly, On October 31, 2012 we left MN and drove to Scottsdale, AZ where we stay for two months, spent time in NV with family, finally leaving the US from San Diego on January 3, 2013 on our first cruise through the Panama Canal and we've been on the move since then. Hope that clarifies the gap in time.

    Its wonderful that you and Dan have a great trip planned for Branson. Can I speculate that you are country/western fans? Let us know how it goes! Plus, the Lake of the Ozarks sounds like a fabulous trip with your family. Take good photos and send a few or put them on Facebook.

    Thanks, dear Pat, for writing to us once again. Its always delightful!

    Warmest regards,
    Jess & Tom

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