Off to Komati…Dentist…Shopping…and more…I made a mistake…

Love this pretty bird. Anyone know what it is?
This morning, the WiFi was out, and I couldn’t do a post before leaving for Komatipoort for my noon dentist appointment and shopping. This was annoying since we knew we’d be gone several hours and I don’t like doing the post at the end of the day. By late afternoon, my thought process has mellowed for the day, and I never feel like preparing a post when we’re getting ready for sundowners, which may or may not include drinks other than iced tea and our upcoming dinner.

We love this time of the day to watch the wildlife in the garden, take photos, listen to music on our JBL speaker and chat about whatever pops into our minds. It’s a very special time of the day for us which we treasure and don’t want to forgo unless we have specific plans.

There’s our boy Aggie, climbing a tree, after chasing a gecko and missing.

After dinner and when we finally decide to head to the bedroom,  I am switched off, in the mood to get into my pajamas and stream a few shows. Now that we have WiFi again, we’ve been watching a great show on Amazon Prime, “Animal Kingdom,” which is not about wild animals but wild humans. It’s quite entertaining.

We’d watched the first three seasons some time ago but started working on the last three and final seasons a few weeks ago whenever we could get a signal. It reminds us of “Sons of Anarchy” from several years ago. If you liked that series, you might also like “Animal Kingdom.”

Norman and Lollie were savoring the last bale of lucerne.

It’s ironic how specific show topics appeal to us when they have nothing to do with our lives. But, somehow, we find ourselves enjoying a wide range of series from the brutal to the soapy. Even Tom can enjoy a “chick flick” (excuse the politically incorrect reference) right along with me.

With my head still hurting I’ve been a little hesitant to go to the dentist, but my teeth desperately need to be cleaned. It hasn’t been done since we had Covid in April although Tom has had his done since then.

Here’s the nyala family from left: Noah, Norman and mom Nina. We adore them so much.

Also, I wanted to get it done before we embark on our next trip, upcoming two weeks from today. It’s hard to believe it’s come up so quickly. Again, I am hesitant about traveling with this headache, but I did OK when we went to Zambia and Botswana three months ago. If only Tylenol or Ibuprofen works for this headache. At least then, I could get relief occasionally.

As mentioned, it has improved in the past week or two, but the pain only stops intermittently. It has been better since I started implementing some deep breathing techniques, but it’s still ongoing. A good night’s sleep seems to be influential in less pain.

And there’s our boy, Vega sitting on the fence post.

If I return to Doc Theo, it will mean trying more drugs for neurological pain, and I am not willing to suffer further with more side effects. All the drugs used for this pain have awful side effects, none of which I am willing to suffer while on the cruise.

As I wrap this post up offline since the WiFi is still out in Marloth Park, will it have returned by the time we return later today?

We are back from Komatipoort. I made a mistake and marked the appointment on the calendar for today, not tomorrow. We will return tomorrow for the correct appointment at noon. Fortunately, when we returned back to the house, the WiFi was back on, allowing me ample time to get the post done and uploaded after putting away two weeks of groceries.

Be well.

Photo from one year ago today, November 10, 2021:

Waterbucks are pretty animals that live at the edge of a body of water. For more photos, please click here.

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  1. Charles Lasater Reply

    I had trigeminal neuralgia and carbamazapine worked perfectly for a few years before I finally needed surgery to correct the condition. It can be unbelievably painful is not treated properly.

    • worldwide-admin Post authorReply

      Charles, thank you for writing. I hope you are doing well now. I am hoping that mine won’t be as severe. I only developed it when I had Omicron, never before which may eventually subside on its own. For now, I am back on 10 mg. Amitriptyline as of last night and already feel a little better today.

      Warmest regards,
      Jess & Tom

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